największy mural w Polsce

Lowicz landscapes and folklore – this is the theme of the largest mural in Poland

The largest mural in Poland was created on the wall of the Agros Nova plant in Łowicz. It was this picturesque region that became one of the inspirations for its author, Marek Looney Rybowski.The mural’s leitmotif is the Łowicz landscape and elements related to the region’s culture

The area covered by the mural is as large as 4,600 m2, of which 3,500 m2 is covered by the colourful painting and is currently the largest work of its kind in Poland, occupying the entire wall of a huge warehouse. The mural depicts children dressed in hunting costumes in an orchard, surrounded by animals and nature. This form of communication incorporates both a showcase of the region and an advertisement for the company, alluding to its profile. The mural shows tomatoes and strawberries – some of the main raw materials processed at the plant

The largest mural in Poland. Photo:

In addition, the wall has been covered with an anti-smog coating, which absorbs pollutants from all vehicles passing through the production facility on a daily basis. As predicted, it will absorb more than 21 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 152 kg of nitrogen oxides annually. It took two weeks to paint the work. During this time, four hoists were in use, on which 10 to as many as 13 artists from the Wakeuptime Studio team worked together with the author, Marek Looney Rybowski, a graffiti artist who has been active since 1995. The mural is approximately 135 m wide, and the tallest elements reach as high as 33 m. Its unveiling coincided with the launch of a new tomato processing line

To date, the largest advertising mural was The Witcher by Jakub Rebelka. It was created in 2021 and is around 2,000. m2

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