More dwarves in Wrocław. This is the queue of voters in Jagodno

Wrocław is famous for its tiny dwarves, which can be found in all sorts of places. Now more dwarves have appeared in the city. The figures symbolise the people who stood in a long queue to cast their vote in the elections to the Sejm and Senate on 15 October 2023.

The dwarves are located at 15 Jagodzinska St. They are a total of four figurines that represent the queue of people standing for the ballot box. The dwarves are accompanied by objects characteristic of the aforementioned situation. In their hands they have ballot papers and one of them… a box of pizza. The latter refers to a spontaneous action in which a local pizzeria provided queuers with free pizzas.

At the head of the queue of dwarves is a ballot box, the side of which is decorated with a motif reminiscent of the Polish emblem.

Wrocław’s dwarves are a symbol of the city. There are already several hundred of them all over the city and more are constantly appearing. Dwarves can be placed by institutions and private individuals. The nice little figures are made by artists and craftsmen, including Tomasz Moczek, Grzegorz Łagowski, Beata Zwolańska-Hołod, Aleksander Gołaś – Fiffin or Artur Wochniak.

The situation addressed by the group of new dwarves occurred in front of polling station No. 148 – Jagodno. Initially, there were 2 453 people on the commission’s voter register, but just before the election, 1 649 more voters signed up. This number meant that just before the polling stations closed (9pm) there were still a huge number of people waiting to cast their vote at the entrance to the commission. The last voter cast his or her vote at 2.45 a.m., and the total number of votes cast was 2,700.

photo: Oleksandr Poliakovsky


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