Mural na Jeżycach
Mural z kobietami. Fot. Katarzyna Lesińska

New mural in Jeżyce. Five famous women are commemorated in Poznań

Five great women, five lives and one place on the map of Poznań. A writer, poet, artist, missionary and nurse is commemorated by a new mural in Jeżyce.

“Dokta” recalled saving lives in Africa on Miła Street, “Awana” was still saving lives on Kochanowskiego Street, one Krystyna was discovering her potential at the school on Słowackiego Street and another on Dąbrowskiego Street was entertaining to the point of tears, while “Iłła” was telling the mundane of life through poetry on Gajowa Street. Some were here only for a while, others could not imagine being anywhere else. That is why a social mural of famous women connected with this district was created here in Jeżyce

A mural with women. Photo: Katarzyna Lesińska

It was a grassroots initiative by the residents, which initially aimed to improve the aesthetics of Jeżyce. “I thought to start changing our district piece by piece,” says the initiator of the action, Katarzyna Lesinska. 2018 was the Year of Women, so the choice fell on this theme. The “Jeżyce” Tenant-Ownership Housing Cooperative assessed the project very favourably and the social idea found a place where it could be realised – at Gajowa Street. The final version of the mural was designed by Dorota Piechocińska, and it was transferred onto the building by the MUR-ALL group

The wall on Gajowa Street before and after the creation of the mural. Photo: Katarzyna Lesińska

The illustration features images of: missionary Wanda “Dokta” Blenska, writer Kazimiera “Iłła” Iłłakowiczówna, writer Krystyna Kofta, actress Krystyna Feldman and nurse-participant in Poznań’s June ’56, Aleksandra “Awana” Banasiak. They were all connected with Poznań and Jeżyce, which is why their faces adorn the wall at Gajowa Street
The initiative was partly created with funds collected from the city’s inhabitants via the portal and thanks to the support of sponsors: the RAKO company, the IT restaurant and Constructa Plus

Source: MUR-ALL

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