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Nortberg cooker hoods – 4 unusual launches

The Nortberg brand presents four remarkable cooker hood launches that are revolutionising the kitchen appliance industry. The renowned kitchen appliance manufacturer surprises once again with the introduction of a new colour – kashmir – to its line-up, a new shape – Oval, a new canopy width – 120 cm – and a preview – a new technology for undercounter canopies.

New colour – kashmir:

The Nortberg brand is introducing a new shade to its colour range – kashmir. This subtle, muted colour fits perfectly into modern kitchen settings, adding elegance and a unique touch. With the kashmir colour, the cooker hoods become not only a functional kitchen accessory, but also a design accent that adds elegance and harmony to the entire space. They fit into both classic and modern interiors, blending perfectly with different materials and colours of kitchen furniture.

Kashmir-coloured cooker hoods are also practical, as they are easy to keep clean and blend in easily with other kitchen fittings. They are available in various categories, such as. Lando Glass Kashmir as under-cabinet hood or Tubo Kashmir as an island hood, so everyone can find the right model for themselves.

The addition of this colour to the range of options offered by Nortberg is a response to the growing demand for modern, muted kitchen settings.

The new shape – the Oval hood:

Nortberg presents an innovative hood called the Oval – attracting attention with its unique shape. Designed in the form of an ellipse, the Oval hood stands out from traditional tube or square hoods.

The canopy measures 60×40 cm and is available in three colours: white matt, black matt and kashmir. The innovative design not only provides excellent ventilation, but also gives the kitchen a modern and designer look, becoming a focal point of the décor.

Its original ellipse shape makes the Oval cooker hood a perfect fit for larger induction hobs, providing effective ventilation and comfort while cooking. In addition, thanks to its minimalist design, the Oval cooker hood fits in perfectly with the curved trend currently dominating modern interior design.

New width – 120 cm hood:

Nortberg is responding to customer needs by introducing a 120 cm wide hood. This larger size provides even better efficiency in removing odours from the kitchen, especially for large gas or induction cookers even during intensive cooking.

The hood is a response to growing market needs, especially for food processor users and people who cook frequently. Hood Micra 120 cm by Nortberg is one of the few hoods available on the market that offer this size for an under-cabinet hood. This impressive width makes it the ideal choice for those looking for a solution that will effectively cover the entire cooking area eliminating all fumes, grease and odours effectively.

Pre-release – new technology:

Introducing a preview of Nortberg’s Micra Space cooker hood – an innovative solution that saves valuable kitchen cabinet space. By locating the hood motor at the top of the cabinet and connecting it to the body via a narrow channel, it is possible to create a huge amount of space between the two elements.

This innovative solution makes the most of the kitchen space, providing more storage and organisation. In addition, the built-in LED light at the top of the hood perfectly illuminates the cabinets, making everyday kitchen tasks easier and adding functionality to the entire space.

The Micra Space cooker hood will be available for purchase soon, providing customers with the opportunity to benefit from this innovative solution that allows them to make the most of the space in their kitchen.

These four remarkable launches of Nortberg cooker hoods confirm Nortberg’s commitment to continuous innovation and providing customers with top quality equipment that not only meets, but exceeds their expectations.

source: nortberg.co.uk

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