Nostalgic illumination will light up Warsaw. Christmas decorations will take us back to the communist era

This winter, as every year, Warsaw will be illuminated by illuminations prepared by Multidekor, a company from Piastów near Warsaw. This time, the capital will be lit up by installations inspired by Christmas tree ornaments and other objects that our grandmothers and grandfathers used and we know from our childhood

Decorations that draw inspiration from the old days by creating scaled-down retro baubles, handmade paper chains, Christmas tree lights or wooden toys will sprinkle the Royal Route this Christmas

The second half of the 20th century saw the development of a society based on reciprocity and community. With meagre material resources, people created unique designs that were present in Polish homes for decades. It is these examples of communist fantasy that will be recalled during the coming winter. Trakt Królewski, Nowy Świat and ulica Świętokrzyska will be covered with traditional baubles, colourful strings of unforgettable Christmas tree lights and chains made of coloured paper, accompanied by characteristic symbols of the time – a water cooler, a shopping scale, a collection of crystals or a full-size Warsaw car. The city’s representative streets will be transformed into a festive colourful display, complete with a multimedia 27-metre Christmas tree, the largest in the country, on the Castle Square, whose needles will be made of Eco foil – a material derived from green energy sources

When designing this year’s collection for Warsaw, my team tried to incorporate memories and a still vivid image of characteristic forms and ornaments that we once enjoyed and that are now worth showing to new generations,’ says Olga Mościcka, Head of the team working with Multidekor on the concept of the exhibition for the capital

The illumination, which is based on simplicity and a certain austerity typical of those times, will prove that classics always have a timeless quality. Through this project, we want to invite Varsovians and visitors to a journey into the past, full of memories, given in a modern form and using the latest technology. The project uses state-of-the-art energy-saving proprietary Eco LED technology combined with a multi-colour light experience,” adds the designer

The illumination is a visual journey to a bygone era, evoking childhood memories and family traditions, as well as the feelings that accompanied them. The decorations will put visitors in touch with the history and cultural heritage of the city


During a Christmas stroll through Warsaw, the youngest will have the opportunity to explore exhibits that today are more associated with a museum than everyday life. The city’s streets will be lined with retro-style colourful illuminations in the shape of a telephone, a radio or a TV set with an unforgettable evening show

Every year, we offer Warsaw a new look at successive eras in the city’s history. After decorations from the times of “Lalka”, a journey around the inter-war capital, it is time for Warsaw seen through the eyes of Wiech, Tadeusz Konwicki or Agnieszka Osiecka. In addition to purely entertaining qualities, our mission is to recreate the finest pages from Warsaw’s rich tradition. All light attractions have been designed for audiences of different ages and with different expectations. They have opportunities for interaction, they make sounds, each element can be touched and experienced. I am delighted that our company will once again transform Warsaw with light,” says Tomasz Podogrocki, Vice-President of Multidekor

The new light decorations will adorn the Royal Route, starting from the Castle Square, through Krakowskie Przedmieście and Nowy Świat to Świętokrzyska Street. In addition, they will also make their appearance on Five Corners Square and Świętokrzyska Street. The official opening is planned for early December 2023. For years, Warsaw’s illuminations have been considered by Polish and international media to be among the most beautiful. In a ranking by the French Le Figaro, the Polish capital was among the 10 best festively dressed cities in the world

According to a survey by Insight Lab, more than 80 per cent of Poles believe that illuminations are an integral part of the festive season in cities. What’s more, according to the results of a survey conducted by the Municipal Roads Authority, 82% of Warsaw residents cannot imagine winter without illuminations. In their opinion, the decorations transform the grey and gloomy space of the winter city, making walking much more pleasant. In turn, 65% of entrepreneurs believe that the presence of Christmas illuminations in Warsaw translates into higher profits


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