One-of-a-kind Fair in Gliwice. Polish handicrafts on site

On 16-17 March this year, Gliwice will witness an extraordinary event. The One-of-a-Kind Fair will make its debut in the PreZero Arena Gliwice space. It is a good opportunity to get design from Polish creators. Jewellery, ceramics, cosmetics…. What else has the organisers prepared?

The One-of-a-Kind Fair is not only a space to showcase unique products, but also an opportunity to present inspiring stories of creative creators, handicraftsmen and artists who have turned their passion into a lifestyle. The Unique Things Fair invites you to discover the extraordinary stories and fascinating works of art that have been created thanks to the commitment and talent of the exhibitors.

The main categories of products presented at the first One-of-a-Kind Fair in Gliwice:

  • Authentic jewellery and fashion: this is the place where every detail matters and every design element tells the story of the artist. Precious stones, exceptional fabrics – all of this constitutes a unique fashion language
  • Polish ceramics and art: unique ceramic and artistic pieces representing local artisans.
  • Eco and beauty products: innovative and ecological proposals in the field of personal care and sustainable lifestyle products.
  • Handmade everyday items: unique articles to add character to everyday activities.
  • Home accessories, including zero waste items: practical and eco-friendly solutions for the home, emphasising the importance of minimalism.
  • Candles, plants, drinks and flavours: sensory experiences in the form of scents, greens, flavours and drinks.

The organisers ensure that the One of a Kind Fair in Gliwice will be a unique event, full of inspiration, opportunities to buy unique products and establish direct contacts with creators.

We invite you to participate in this unique event that brings together lovers of art, design and creativity. More information about the event.

Where: PreZero Arena Gliwice, Gliwice

When: 16-17 March, 2024.

Event times:

Saturday: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sunday: 11:00-18:00

BUY TICKET: pLN 10, children under 7 free

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