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Open House Gdańsk is being launched. This is the 6th edition of the event

Open House Gdańsk is a three-day celebration of architecture and the city, focusing on a different district-hero every year. It is a great opportunity to visit spaces that are normally inaccessible, from private flats to the back rooms of institutions, artists’ studios, museums and galleries

The event is part of Open House Worldwide, bringing together 50 cities around the world, including London, Madrid, New York and Stockholm, among others. The upcoming sixth edition of the festival will be significantly different from previous editions. For the first time, participants will be immersed in an area that is predominantly a homogeneous, powerful settlement. The festival weekend of 29 September-1 October will be dedicated to Gdańsk’s Zaspa!

If you look at a map of the district, you can see greenery interspersed with strong, geometric forms reminiscent of honeycombs. It is a residential area designed with attention to basic, everyday needs. Taking into account services and education, greenery, play and meeting spaces. Micro-worlds within a macro-structure

In spaces dominated by echoes of modernism, participants will look for traces of modernity. They will see how newly constructed buildings relate to the architecture that created Zaspa in its most characteristic form. They will have the opportunity to look into spaces large and small – from halls and churches to artisan workshops and flats. The organisers will invite them to places that host dance, painting and ceramics. They will also talk about the mundane of life and how much it can inspire. There will also be walks, very varied in their themes. You will get to know Zaspa from the literary-sentimental perspective of Barbara Piórkowska, author of the novel “Szklanka na pająki”. Residents and residents who remember Zaspa’s most vivid moments will speak. A dose of architectural knowledge will be imparted by the guests of the upcoming edition – Anna Cymer and Agata Szydłowska

A highlight of the programme will be Symphony on the Footbridge – part of a long-term sound project by Marcin Dymiter. Each audience member will become a performer of the composition, generate sounds and have an impact on them, and, importantly, without the mutual involvement of those involved, the piece will not be performed. Theplace where it will be performed – the footbridge that connects Młyniec and Rozstaje – is symbolic,” announces Diana Lenart, founder of the Gdansk edition of the Open House festival

The entire programme of the event can be found on the openhousefestival.pl website, where there will also be a registration for locations requiring booking. The festival is co-financed by the City of Gdańsk. The whiteMAD magazine is the media patron of the event, while Invest Komfort is its patron

photo: Paweł Jóźwiak

source: Open House Gdańsk

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