Polish Architecture XXL 2023 plebiscite: submit a project!

This is already the 16th edition of the event. The Polska Architektura XXL plebiscite aims to honour the best studios and projects of the last year and to promote talented figures and high-quality realisations that make up the contemporary architectural movement in Poland. Proposals can be submitted in three categories: volume, interiors and landscape. Submissions must be sent by 12 February 2024. The event is organised by the Sztuka Architektury Group.

The editors of the websites sztuka-architektury.pl, sztuka-wnetrza. pl and sztuka-krajobrazu.pl will be collecting information about the most interesting public and private realisations in Polish architecture of 2023 from 2 January to 12 February 2024. Objects that did not take part in the Poland Architecture XXL 2022 plebiscite but were commissioned in 2022 can also be submitted to the plebiscite.

How to submit a project?

All you need to do is set up a business card of the studio in the Community section on one of the three websites (depending on the category of the submitted realisation). Newly created business cards must be accepted in the system. Once you have activated it, you will need to add a gallery of your project (photos, drawings, floor plans and description) with the caption “Polska Architektura XXL 2023 – name of the voivodeship of the project”.

If a business card has already been created, it is enough to add a gallery (photos, drawings, projections and description) of the proposed project to the already existing one with a note “Polska Architektura XXL 2023 nazwa województwa realizacji” (Polish Architecture XXL 2023 – name of the region where the project was carried out). In case of problems with the business card, as an exception, submissions can be sent to the following address marta.artman@sztuka-architektury.pl.

The most interesting proposals submitted, which have not yet found a place for publication in the Art of Architecture Group’s portals, will be described by the editors and taken into account in the construction of the list of nominees put to a vote.

The Sztuka Architektury Group will also take into account those projects that have already been described on the sztuka-architektury.pl, sztuka-wnetrza.pl and sztuka-krajobrazu.pl websites but have not been submitted to the plebiscite.

Criteria for selecting projects

At the beginning of March, at a special meeting of the editorial board of the Sztuka Architektury Group, around 10 finalists will be selected from each category. The criteria for selecting the most interesting buildings are their functionality, innovation, and compliance with current social, environmental and technical trends.

As usual, we will also be particularly looking for works by offices and teams that are not yet part of the mainstream of Polish architecture, but are distinguished by their ambition and creative approach to design, the organisers announced.

Voting in the Polish Architecture XXL 2023 plebiscite

As every year, voting takes place in two ways: the public votes and the professional jury votes.

Audience voting: on 4 March 2024, the official internet voting will be launched on the Sztuka Architektury Group website. Its results will be announced on 9 April 2024.

Jury vote: in mid-April 2024, an online meeting of the competition jury will be held to discuss the results of the earlier poll voting for the finalists in each category proposed by the editors and the final verdict will be made. The jury will be made up of the winners of previous editions of the Poland Architecture XXL 2022 Plebiscite.

The winners will be announced at a gala event to be held in late May/early June 2024. The event will be accompanied by presentations of the nominated projects.

Competition regulations: HERE

Organised by: Sztuka Architektury Group

Honorary Patrons: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Committee of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Polish Academy of Sciences, NIAiU, SARP, SAW, TUP, PLGBC, DAFA

Media Patrons: whiteMAD magazine, Nowy Magazyn, Czas na wnętrze, MAGAZIF, Izolacje, Przegląd budowlany, Poinf of Design, terazdom.pl, Informator Teraz Dom, example.pl, archiweb.pl, oknonet.pl, budowa.org, budownictwo.org, nieruchomosci.biz

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