Renovation of the Garrison Church in Wrocław is complete!

The renovation of the Garrison Church in Wrocław has come to an end. This historic building is the focal point of the city and has been delighting visitors since at least the 15th century. Thanks to the changes that have been made, the building stands out for its modern solutions, especially on the roof. It has been renovated using the latest materials so that the church’s distinctive red and green chequered roof is preserved in the best possible condition. How will the new roof support the functioning of the monument?

The Garrison Church of St. Elisabeth in Wrocław is one of the most important churches in the city. It stands out above all for its colourful roof, combining shades of red and green. Over the hundreds of years, the church has succumbed to fires several times, which to this day remain one of the greatest threats to historic buildings. Statistics from the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service show that the number of fires in Poland is increasing every year.[1] Due to climate change, spontaneous combustion of buildings is expected to occur even more frequently. In addition to fire, wind can be just as great a threat to the structure of a monument. In 2022, the number of incidents caused by strong windstorms increased by as much as 65 per cent compared to the previous year.[2] This makes it imperative that buildings, especially buildings as valuable as historic churches, are adequately protected. The renovation of the Garrison Church in Wrocław will not only help to preserve the monument in good condition, but will also strengthen its resilience. For this reason, the most modern roof protection materials on the market were used.

Renovation of the Garrison Church in Wrocław

During the renovation of the Garrison Church in Wrocław, the roof covering was replaced on the basis of historical and iconographic analyses, and new tiles were selected as one of the most distinctive visual elements. At the same time, the structure was comprehensively protected against fungus and fire and strengthened from a conservation perspective. During the work on the roof, the existing battens and counter-battens were also removed and new ones installed.
The construction project relied on the highest quality roofing materials. In this case, these were Dorken DELTA®-MAXX roofing membranes, which provide effective protection against moisture, wind gusts or fire. The material has European fire class B, which makes it difficult for flames to spread. DELTA products have also been used in work on the St. Mary’s Basilica in Gdansk and the Cemetery Gate in Szczecin, among others.

Footage of work on the roof of the Garrison Church in Wrocław and the results can be seen below.

– The changes made to the roof structure of the Garrison Church in Wrocław will significantly strengthen the building, making it more resistant to increasingly intense weather events and the damaging effects of the sun, wind and water. State-of-the-art products will also reduce the impact on the building of possible fires and gale-force winds, which are occurring with increasing frequency in Poland. The lifespan of the church will also be increased, so we can expect the roof to last for many years before further such work is required , explains Piotr Pytel, technical advisor at Dorken Delta.
In addition to the roof refurbishment, façade works, gutter and downpipe replacements and conservation and restoration of architectural details were carried out. As a result, the church has not only been prepared for decades of use, but also, by improving its aesthetics, it will stand out among Wrocław’s monuments, delighting the city’s residents and tourists.
Dorken Delta is a leader in innovative products and system solutions of the highest quality for pitched and flat roofs, also arranged as green roofs. It specialises in the area of roof and façade membranes, as well as complex accessories. It is a family-owned company with 125 years of tradition. It currently operates internationally, with branches in 11 countries and numerous sales representatives. Dorken has been present on the Polish market since 1992. It is the most preferred partner among retailers, tradesmen, architects and contractors for the implementation of pitched and green roofs. Dorken Delta’s hallmarks are innovation, quality and environmental care.

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Footage of the work on the roof of the Garrison Church in Wrocław and the results can be seen below:

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