Retreat in the style of Joanna HAWROT

Exactly one year ago, fashion designer Joanna Hawrotopenedthe doors of her suburban home toguests. Shecreateda completely new format on the Polish market – aspace toexperience nature and culture. In autumn andwinter , visitorswill beable torelax inHAWROT HOME,surrounded by newobjectsofdesign and art

Joanna Hawrot has been running her own fashion brand for years. Immediately after her studies, she became part of Kraków’s bohemian scene – creating costumes for performances and curating art events. In her practice, disciplines met and fashion was always part of a broader context; a visual, spatial, symbolic, conceptual activity. Fascinated by Japanese culture, she reinterpreted the traditional cut of the kimono, which has become the hallmark of the collections she has been creating since 2009. Cut from 3-metre-long coupons, HAWROT’s kimono fabrics also quickly became a pretext for a dialogue with the best Polish artists: Aleksandra Waliszewska, Maurice Gomulicki, Angelika Markul and more recently Bownik & Tom Wichrowski. They also quickly entered the museum circuit. They have been exhibited – most recently at the Manggha Museum in Kraków (2023), and will soon be shown in the artist’s solo cross-sectional exhibition at the National Museum in Wrocław (June 2024) and in Tokyo (autumn 2024). Multidisciplinary thinking has led to the creation of HAWROT HOME. Inaugurated in 2022, the precursor concept best captures the brand’s syncretic and holistic spirit

Icreatedthis place withmyself and my family inmind , but over timeIthoughtI wanted to shareit. For years, I have been guided by the ikigai philosophyof combining passion and mission. Therefore, instead ofkayaksorbicycles,the heart of HAWROT HOMEis sculptures, textiles, objects, precisely selectedutilitarianobjects,alsopart of my private collection. Everything isenclosed in a blackbox ofa woodenblocksurrounded by afragrantpine forest,whichpeeksinside through panoramic windows.You cansit on a benchheretogaze atthe stars. This is whatmyeverydaylife islike, this is whatIfeed on and theseare my authentic foundations. – says the founder of HAWROT HOME

HAWROT HOME, located about an hour’s drive from Warsaw and situated on a plot of land that was part of a former holiday colony, is dominated by silence. Both acoustically and visually. With its sloping roof and black boarding, the unobtrusive building blends into the landscape of wooden holiday architecture from the 1970s. The interior exudes tranquillity. Walls lined with raw wood, grey resin floors that can be walked on with bare feet, subdued furniture in white and powder pink build up a backdrop for the works of the invited artists

The HAWROT HOME FW2023 exhibition revolves around the theme of nature. The focal point of the showroom is Anna Bera’s monumental work of craftsmanship, made of wood. The object, reminiscent of a stone worn out by the forces of the elements, on which a sheet of moisture – a mirror – has remained, rests on a massive leg and collects reflections from the interior. A Justyna Oboladze lamp hangs above the rest area. Inspired by the systems that function in nature, he has created a unique jointing system that can bud into any form he composes. Enlivened by light, pink glass tiles framed in brass cast geometric shadows and become the luminous axis mundi of the space. Under the ridge, placed at a height of 7 metres, a fabric by ING Foundation award winner Marta Niedbał has been installed. The cobalt-orange irregular object with a fleshy structure is not only a return to the idea of grounding and regeneration achieved through manual labour, but also a story about travelling between orders – natural and human. In turn, Maurycy Gomulicki’s pink star migrating between the interior and the garden of HAWROT HOME is a tender poem typical of the artist – the overscaled star falling from the sky in characteristic camp pink is a romantic spectacle of death, a fleeting moment frozen in time. The interior also featured Joanna’s own design – a silk curtain realised on the work of Aleksandra Waliszewska. Tosome, theidea ofstaging aplay in a suburban house for rentseemed breakneck.But fromthe beginningI wanted totake it outof the official, gallery, white cubesituation andput it into aninformal,intimate,wild one. The worksresonate here in acompletely different, faster way, andby beingatarms length,eachvisitorcanfeel how muchthey reallybring toour lives,– says the owner, inviting visitors to the small village in the Dobre region. Only good momentshappen here.– she promises.

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