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The Landscape Resolution in Poznań has come into force. Special cars will set off for the city!

The Landscape Resolution in Poznań will soon come into force. entrepreneurs and advertising companies have 12 months to adapt their advertising media to the provisions of the Poznań Landscape Ordinance. Those who fail to do so will have to reckon with severe penalties. A special car equipped with a set of sensors and cameras will assist in the audit of advertisements

The vehicle will help to check how many advertisements are along Poznan’s main arteries. The car has a mapping system with a spherical camera and a geopositioning system. As a result, a 3D point cloud will be created, allowing precise mapping of the road lane and street, including the exact location of advertising media. The knowledge gained through the use of this solution is essential for the enforcement of the resolution

– We have been preparing for the introduction of the Landscape Resolution for many months now. With the entry into force of the document, we have gained a comprehensive tool for the control of advertising devices throughout Poznań, including on lands not belonging to the City and outside the zone of conservation protection. I hope that this time the Governor of the Wielkopolska Region will not invalidate the resolution and we will be able to peacefully proceed with cleaning Poznań of garish signs and advertisements disfiguring the public space,” says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of the City

A team has been appointed at the Urban Planning and Architecture Department of the UMP to examine the compliance of advertisements with the new law. As of the effective date of the resolution, they may impose severe financial penalties on entities installing media in violation of the regulations

These are so-called running fines, i.e. imposed for each day that advertisements are placed contrary to the provisions of the resolution. According to the Spatial Planning and Development Act, they amount to 40 times the advertising fee, which is calculated for each square metre of advertising, for each day. For example, for an 18 sq. m. carrier. the 30-day penalty will amount to PLN 9,816

fot: UM Poznań

The city has also asked Poznań residents to support the collection of information on the location of advertisements. Through the Smart City application, they can report the carriers, so that the activity of the team implementing the provisions of the resolution will be concentrated in the places indicated by the residents themselves, which will facilitate the cleaning of public spaces from advertising

The city is in the final stages of inventorying the advertising media located on city land. In addition, the Urban Planning and Architecture Department of the UMP is also working on the creation of a digital database containing information on advertising throughout Poznań

The document came into force on 5 August. In turn, August 17 is the deadline for a possible supervisory decision by the Wielkopolska Voivode regarding the Poznań Landscape Resolution

The original version of the Poznań Landscape Resolution came into force on 21 February. However, the document, which was intended to facilitate the fight against illegal advertisements, was invalidated by the Wielkopolska Voivode a few days later. The city disagreed with this decision, but challenging it in the administrative court would only prolong the advertising chaos. It was therefore decided to amend the text as a result of the voivode’s supervisory decision

The Landscape Resolution divides Poznań into four areas. The first of these, the Old Town area, includes the Old Market Square and its surroundings as well as Chwaliszewo and Śródka. The second is the area of the centre and historic districts, covering the city centre, Lazarus, Jeżyce, Wilda, Grunwald, as well as parts of Stare Winogrady, Sołacz, Łęg Dębińskie and the Główna estate. The next – urbanised – includes the remaining housing estates and service and industrial establishments. The resolution also distinguishes the natural area, which is part of the wedge-ring system of greenery

Different rules for the location of advertisements, small architectural items and fences are set out for each of these areas. The period for adapting media and other elements to the provisions of the resolution is the same – it is 12 months from the date of entry into force of the document. Are you happy that the Landscape Ordinance in Poznań has come into force?

Information on the provisions of the landscape resolution can be found at

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