The One-of-a-Kind Fair in Gliwice on 16 and 17 March!

Already on 16 and 17 March, the PreZero Arena Gliwice will host a celebration of exceptional things – the Only in Its Kind Fair. This is a great opportunity to get to know the various facets of Polish kraft. Ceramics, art, natural cosmetics, fashion and jewellery are just some of the unique products that will be on show in Gliwice. Lovers of handicraft and original design will have a chance to meet exhibitors who will present what they create. Gliwice will be dominated by passion, love for unique products and a truly creative energy.

The Fair of Exceptional Things is a treat for all those who hold Polish kraft close to their hearts. It is a meeting not only with exceptional products, but also with their talented creators. It is an opportunity to discover the extraordinary stories of more than 70 exhibitors who will treat visitors to their unique handicrafts.

Exceptional Makers present their products in categories:


What can be expected? Seekers of the unusual will be able to delve into alleys full of cosmetics, art, flora, ceramics, literature or fashion. There will also be a feast for the taste and smell, and children too will find something for themselves. The event itself will be complemented by accompanying themed zones – one thing is certain, it will be impossible to get bored!

Why visit the Unique Things Fair?

It is not only a support for independent creators and artists, but also an opportunity to open yourself to new experiences and inspiration. At the fair, you’ll find products you won’t find anywhere else, while supporting local creators who have turned their passion into a way of life.

The Unique Things Fair is not just about promoting brands – it is a true celebration of uniqueness, creativity and exceptionality. Every visitor will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of unusual objects that stand out from mass products.

Lovers of handicraft, art, fashion and lifestyle will find plenty of inspiration at stands presenting products with passion and attention to the smallest detail. The fair is also a place for entertainment and tastings with delicious snacks and drinks.

Accompanying Zones

In addition, the One of a Kind Fair offers special accompanying zones such as C-art Days (art zone) and PLONY (Food and Beverage Fair), where you can meet artists, taste delicacies and discover unique products.

C-art Days, or art zone

The times when art was only available to a select few are gone. Now everyone has the opportunity to enjoy beauty and inspiration, regardless of their experience or knowledge of art. Looking beyond the traditional gallery setting, C-art Days gives artists the chance to reach out directly to people who might not normally come into contact with art. C-art Days is a place where there is something for everyone – from art lovers to people who simply want to enjoy the beauty of the world around them.

BIŻU, the zone of all that is beautiful

A special part of the Fair will be devoted to beautiful jewellery. Anyone looking for unusual accessories and additions will immerse themselves in a wide range of unusual ornaments. Hundreds of rings, bracelets or necklaces … there is something special for everyone!

Meet some of the exhibitors from the BIŻU zone:


At Niesyzyfowepracach everyone will find something unique for themselves. You will find diverse and original handmade products on offer. At Niesyzyfowepracach you will discover unique jewellery that has been created with an original approach, highlighting your style. Here you will find a wide range of handmade accessories, from bead nec klaces and glass figurine necklaces to unique rings made of beads and natural stones.

Star from heaven

This is a project initiated a few years ago, when the creators sent the first star into the sky as a gift to a loved one. Inspired by the result of this gesture, they decided to make the possibility of having their own star from heaven available to any potential customer. The company engages both Polish and foreign makers, ensuring the high quality of the handmade ‘Star’ pendants and the production of bespoke chains locally.

The uniqueness of the ‘Star from Heaven’ brand is not just about the product itself. A key figure in the project is the Lord, who works with universities and organisations to realise unmanned stratospheric flights. He is responsible for sending a weather balloon to send a star capsule into the stratosphere and then finding them on Earth. This complex process allows Star from Heaven customers to receive a real… star from heaven.

This is a brand created by a mother and daughter for the person who loves timeless and delicate jewellery. This unique jewellery is handmade in a small workshop in Poland from natural stones, pearls, glass beads, and stainless steel. Perfect to wear every day and on holidays.

PLONY, or Food and Drink Fair

The fair will showcase a wide range of food products, including organic delicacies, as well as specialised products created for active individuals and those on elimination or vegan diets. It is also the place where you will meet kraft beverage producers. PLONY is also a place where even the smallest producers can showcase their unique products, and every visitor will find something to satisfy their palate.

Meet a selection of exhibitors, from the PLONY zone:

Heaven in the Mouth

These are unique preserves with a modern twist! Bold, unique and unexpected flavour fusions are the passion of the brand’s creators. Only local products are used in production. The creators themselves describe themselves as flavour-seeking travellers, in order to put something unique into each jar. The preserves are intended to remind users of places far and near, and to encourage and inspire their own culinary discoveries.

The Big Fellow

They run a meadery where most of their honey is a fruity triple mead based on organic cherry or raspberry juices. You’ll also find pale lilac and classic lime mead. The brand was created by complete coincidence. While on holiday in Zakopane in 2008, Bartek Zięciowski tasted mead. Out of his love of experimenting, he started making it himself and after a dozen or so years he was able to fulfil his dream – to open his own meadery

WEDA Zioła

A brand dedicated to the creation of herbal bio-informational preparations. The products work to promote health on all levels – physical, mental and spiritual. The brand’s flagship product is the probiotic Forest Tincture.

Where and When

The organisers ensure that the One-of-a-Kind Fair in Gliwice will be a unique event, full of inspiration, opportunities to buy unique products and establish direct contacts with creators. We invite you to participate in this unique event that brings together lovers of art, design and creativity. More information about the event.

The City of Gliwice invites you!

Where: PreZero Arena Gliwice

When: 16-17 March

Event hours: Saturday 11am-7pm | Sunday 11am-6pm

Entry: £10 (children under 7 get in free!)

Remember – one ticket entitles you to enter each zone!


source: organiser’s materials

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