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The perfect desk not just for students. Here are 10 suggestions

The right desk is a key element, affecting our efficiency, comfort and enjoyment of our tasks. Choosing the right model is crucial, so here are 10 desks for different spaces, selected by VOX brand stylists. What’s the ideal desk for students or for remote working? The multitude of options means there is something for everyone!

1. Stige desk

Good organisation in a student’s room is very important. In a room full of books, school supplies and toys, the Stige desk will take care of this. Colourful boxes and organisers can be hung on the ladders on the sides to help keep things tidy. In this way, the entire surface of the tabletop will remain free and will serve the current needs

Stige desk, VOX

2. Young Users Transformers

Young Users Transformers is an innovative desk on wheels, with mobile pedestals, drawers and a shelf. Their spacing can be changed, allowing the furniture to be placed in one of three positions, depending on current needs. Thanks to the castors, the child can easily move the furniture across the floor or carpeting. In this way, he or she can manage his or her own learning space. The Young Users Transformers desk can be purchased with interchangeable fronts – coloured, patterned, wooden, which will allow you to change the look of the furniture over time. This furniture can be used in a sibling’s room – it will provide a comfortable place for two children to study

Young Users Transformers desk, VOX

3. Conceptdesk

The Concept desk is distinguished by its original design and durability, which is ensured by solid materials – including wooden legs. The spacious top offers plenty of space for studying, and the functional drawers will help to keep the most frequently used items in perfect order. Not only the desk, but all the furniture in the Concept collection will accommodate our teenager’s treasures

Concept desk, VOX

4. Desk 4 YOU

This model will work well in both a student’s room and a home office. The clever combination of a top and a toolbox allows you to work comfortably while keeping things tidy. On the left side of the 4 You desk is a binder box with two compartments, covered by a lid in oak

Desk 4 YOU, VOX

5. Simple desk

It’s good to have all your most important items close at hand. That’s why the Simple desk has a recess with a function rail. In the strip you can organise things kept on the tabletop, such as your phone or pens. The recess, on the other hand, will hide cables and power supplies so that they don’t get in the way when working or studying

Simple desk, VOX

6. Creative desk

A properly arranged space is conducive to creative ideas and effective work. It is worth having a desk in it, the look of which we have configured ourselves. When choosing the Creative desk, we can decide on the colour of the carcass and fronts, as well as choose the type of legs and handles, all in an intuitive configurator available on the VOX website

Creative desk, VOX

7. Spot desk

Here is the Spot Young with a wooden rail for hanging decorations and organisers. It has a height-adjustable top, lockable recesses and a hole for repositioning cables so they don’t get tangled underneath and get in the way. It can also successfully serve as a study area for siblings

Spot desk, VOX

8. Nature desk

The Nature desk is distinguished by its compact size and universal design, thanks to which it can be placed both in the bedroom and the living room – wherever we wish to organise an office corner. The rounded edges of the desk provide comfortable support for the hands. The legs, drawer handles and front horizontal edges are made of solid oak

Nature desk, VOX

9. Isla desk

The height-adjustable desk is a real game changer in office work. Thanks to the ability to adjust the level of the work surface, we can work comfortably both sitting and standing. This will help us to perform our duties efficiently, without worrying about the health of our back. Students or high school students will certainly appreciate its qualities. The touchscreen interface allows to store 4 different tabletop heights. This allows multiple household members to use one desk

Isla desk, VOX

10. Worknest desk

A desk can be unique. Worknest with a wooden screen is a set that helps you create a unique work space, separating and customising it to your individual tastes. By buying additional accessories for it, we can decorate it with anything that inspires us or that we need to have on hand while working

Worknest desk, VOX

source: VOX press materials

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