The Poznański Families will become one of the pearls of Łódź. Renovation work is about to start

In August this year, revitalisation will begin, after which the Poznański’s familiars at Ogrodowa Street, the former houses of the workers of the Izrael Poznański factory, will gain new life. Łódzka Spółka Infrastrukturalna, owner of the property at 24 Ogrodowa Street, has signed a contract with the contractor, Zab-Bud. Financing was provided by BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A..The cost of the investment is more than PLN 100 million and the expected completion period is 2-3 years

The Poznański Famuły at Ogrodowa 24 is to become a modern mixed-use building with a predominantly residential function – 58 flats for long-term rental and 48 flats for medium-term rental will be created. There will also be 17 commercial premises, which will be leased to Łódź entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. Office space, possibly serviced offices, will occupy nearly 2,000 sq m of space on three floors

– This is one of the hottest, if not the hottest address in the city. We are financing the investment with a loan, because in the current reality this is the only financial formula we can use. The condition of the famulas, like any historic building, does not improve with time, it is quite the opposite, so in order to preserve the historic character of the place, we must act quickly. I would like to thank both our partners for joining us in this unique project. I am sure that after the redevelopment it will be one of the most impressive spaces in the country,’ says Łódź’s First Deputy Mayor Adam Pustelnik

The investor’s ambition is for Ogrodowa 24 to also become the most ecological monument in Poland. In addition to the vegetation that will appear between and on the buildings (flower meadows, trees, recreational lawns, green roofs and walls, a rain garden), the property is to be equipped with, among other things, an efficient photovoltaic installation, a grey water recovery installation, a rainwater tank, an ecological heating support system and an installation to reduce water consumption in bathrooms and toilets. At the same time, the implementation will be carried out in compliance with the conservationist’s guidelines

The Poznański’s Famulas at the present Ogrodowa Street were built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. They were built for the workers of the nearby Izrael Poznański factory (now home to Andel’s Hotel). In the post-war period they also fulfilled residential functions until their technical condition no longer allowed them to play this role. Revitalisation is expected to completely change the face of the entire complex, and another interesting place with history in the background will be created on the map of Łódź

Source: UMŁ( / / Łódzka Spółka Infrastrukturalna(

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