THE SECOND LIFE OF CERAMICS. The Monumental jewellery collection

The Monumental jewellery collection is a record of the meeting of two traditional techniques – jewellery and ceramics. The fruit of cooperation between ORSKA and Ceramika Paradyż proves that the most interesting designs are born at the meeting point of the unobvious

In her new jewellery collection, Anna Orska took post-production ceramic waste from the Monumental line. Elements from the Ceramika Paradyż collection undergo a metamorphosis, becoming part of gilded jewellery pieces in the spirit of less waste. The ceramic stones, inspired by the structures of natural minerals, refer to the genius of nature in a symbolic way and are a perfect example of collaboration between different crafts

Earth colours in jewellery forms

In creating the jewellery in the Monumental collection, ORSKA used fragments of large-scale ceramic plates that would never have made it to general sale due to damage. Like in the Japanese art of kintsukuroi restoration, the lack of perfection becomes a new value, except that ORSKA creates perfect jewellery forms to match the small works of art. Each such piece was polished like a natural mineral. Fragile, yet resilient, matter does not forgive haste, so processing one piece required patience and time. The ceramic stones prepared in this way were set in gold-plated frames and then combined with geometric elements with a forged or satin surface. The effect of this combination is reminiscent of a jeweller’s jigsaw puzzle, in which the elements combine to form a coherent whole on the body. Just as the ceramic elements merge together in domestic interiors

Expanding ORSKA’s jewellery range with Ceramika Paradyż

For the collection, ORSKA has used components from its previous Monumental lines to create jewellery that heralds a larger collaboration between ORSKA and Ceramika Paradyż. The collection received its world premiere abroad at the prestigious Cersaie fair in Bologna, which only proves its potential. It will soon be available for sale not only in Poland, but also in international markets. It will be available in ORSKA boutiques

About the Designer

ORSKA creates jewellery with character, her designs are expressive and often controversial. The rawness of the forms, the roughness of the textures and the different idea behind each collection reflect the temperament of the brand. ORSKA jewellery is not an accessory. It creates a creation in itself. Anna Orska’s specific design is for daring people looking for an original form of style. Each piece has an individual character. This is due to the handmade workmanship and the use of peculiar, often unique materials. The components come from different parts of the world and from different eras, just like the concept of the collection itself. The author’s designs are appreciated by the world’s fashion press, with Italian Vogue Accessory and German Vogue at the forefront. ORSKA is rebellious, diverse and unpredictable. She is not afraid of experimentation. She is constantly searching. That is one thing that is constant about her

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