The tenement house at 21 Szamarzewskiego Street in Poznań is shining again. Renovation was carried out by ZKZL

The tenement house at 21 Szamarzewskiego Street in Poznań is shining again. Renovation and modernisation work is nearing completion, thanks to which the hitherto neglected monument will look like it did in its heyday and will also serve its new residents. ZKZL signed a contract for the works on 18 October 2021, and the contractor was selected in a tender procedure

The design documentation was prepared by the Poznań-based company INWESTSPROJEKT Sp. z o. o. It was carried out in terms of the ‘Housing for Seniors’ programme. As a result, the original large flats were subdivided into smaller, one- and two-room flats with different floor areas – 33 m2, 45 m2 and 70 m2. Thanks to this procedure, the number of flats that the company can hand over to Poznań residents has been increased. A total of 41 turnkey residential units and one commercial unit will be handed over in the tenement

Renovated tenement house at Szamarzewskiego Street


As part of the works, tiled cookers were removed. After renovation, the tenement will be heated by a district heating substation. A retention tank was installed in the courtyard to collect rainwater and re-circulate the water for watering the greenery. The scope of work included, among other things, a comprehensive roof renovation, replacement of inter-storey ceilings, replacement of window and door joinery, leaving the historic internal door joinery in place after renovation, renovation of the entrance gate together with the gate passage and insulation of the outbuilding. Renovation of the neo-classical front façade of the building, including decorative elements, was also carried out. The balconies and staircase were also renovated, and the electrical, telecommunications and water and sewage systems were replaced

Above the entrance to the tenement’s gate, a vulgar inscription for years read: “na ch… you’re looking at”. It became almost iconic and was one of Jeżyce’s landmarks. During the works, the inscription was removed. The conservator of monuments did not agree to let it remain, although there were claims that the sentence could remain as an element of local culture. The five-storey building was completed in 1908. It is an element of the urban and architectural ensemble of the oldest districts of 19th-century Poznań, entered in the register of monuments under no. A239 by a decision of 6 October 1982. It is a historic building in which the famous socialist Rosa Luxemburg lived in 1903. The works are being carried out under the supervision of a conservator

Source: ZKZL in Poznań

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