This is how Przemo Łukasik decorated his home. We take a look at Bolko Loft!

It is very unusual. The house in which Przemo Łukasik lives is located in Bytom. Bolko Loft floats a few metres above the ground and was built in a building that used to belong to a mine. Although the architect has been living here for more than 20 years, the innovative form of the house and the original design are still impressive.

In Silesia, in Bytom, in the close vicinity of the mine, the Bolko Loft was created – the family home of Przemo Łukasik, an architect who, despite an international career and spectacular projects around the world, has remained faithful to his small homeland. With his heart and soul bound to Silesia, the co-owner of the Medusa Group studio adapted the almost 200-square-metre industrial space into a flat for his family. The modernisation of the loft was completed̨ in 2003, and a whole new story began̨ – an architectural tale of revalidation, recycling, reclaiming materials and taming industry.

The Bolko Loft stands in a typically Silesian setting, on a mine site, and its neighbours are thę miners who work here. Its form is simple, austere and industrial, just like the entire architecture of Silesia. Indeed, the Bolko Loft is a cuboid built on reinforced concrete pillars eight metres above the ground. An external staircase of almost 40 steps leads up to the house. Below, there is a fully equipped summer kitchen, in the centre of which is an outdoor table and chairs. surrounded by a beautiful green space, this is the perfect place to spend time with family and close friends.

A staircase that I brought for 1 zloty from a construction site in Gliwice, a balcony that was formerly scaffolding, bare concrete on the ceiling and floor, a kitchen made of MDF and a garden with a kitchen container with pots and a chessboard from the demobilised Silesian Park, and, well…. a fence made of cable trays. It’s our environment, our idea of budget, our dreams and sometimes small failures,” recalls Przemo Łukasik.

The architect has consciously preserved the original industrial character of the place. The raw concrete and aged brick on the walls, the exposed ceiling beams exposing the charm of aged̨ wood and the post-factory structural elements perfectly reflect the character of the surroundings, the beloved Bytom and Silesia. The 100-square-metre space with an impressive height of 3 metres houses thę kitchen with dining area and, behind a light glass partition in neon colours, the living area. The interiors of Bolko Loft were intended to give a raw impression. The architect left the concrete ceilings, ceilings and metal structures in place. However, they are defined by incredible energy, saturated colours and shapes, which add charm to the space. This is complemented by design icons: the Eames Lounge Chair with footstool, the Vitra Slow Chair, RM58 VZÓR or the stylish lighting.

The living area is filled with colour and furniture that has become firmly established in the history of global design. The avant-garde green and pink kitchen is created by the USM modular furniture system. The green framed in the steel kitchen corresponds to the yellow colour of the island, bringing a large dose of̨ energy to everyday life. The island with the coffee machine is one of Przemo Łukasik’s favourite places. This is where the architect personally brews coffee for his guests and meets with friends and loved ones. A large wooden table in the dining area, where not only members of the family but also friends, who are so welcome here, are convinced of their strong family ties.

The house has two bathrooms, the smaller one located̨ next to the double bedroom and the larger one next to the living area. In the latter, the attention̨ is drawn to the wood-panelled wall and the floor made of industrial-grade trowelled concrete. Against this backdrop, the loft-style designer furnishings are perfectly presented.

Slightly more subdued are the private rooms – the master bedroom of Przemo Łukasik and his wife Joanna and the two rooms of their now-adult sons. The glazed bedroom combined with a small work space is the most intimate part of the entire interior. Industrial elements play the first fiddle here, reminding us of the history of the place and its surroundings. The headrest, made of wood, corresponds perfectly with the old brick of the wall. Against this backdrop, a beautiful collection of crosses by Przemo Łukasik is displayed. These are spaces with a more intimate, intimate character, conducive to relaxation, but also to deeper reflection. Filled with objects and memorabilia important to its inhabitants, they remind̨ us of the history of the house and, above all, weave a tale of the past that connects with the present.

My house may be the honest answer̨ because, in addition to surviving, it has maintained its history and become home to my Sons. I did not demolish it, but saved it – not for the world, but for me and my Children. Here I am an honest Architect, Investor and Contractor. This is where you can judge mé,” confesses Przemo Łukasik.

The Bolko Loft delights today, and it has already been assessed and appreciateḋ a year after the completion of its modernisation, in 2004 the project was nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award, and in 2007 it won first place in the Leonardo Competition. However, these are not the only prestigious awards that Przemo Łukasik and his Medusa Group studio can boast of. What is more, the recognised architect is also a juror in many architectural competitions. These include the ongoing third edition of the Paradyż Designers 2023 competition conducted for the first time with an international jury, which will have its final at the end of March 2024.

The Paradyż Designers competition is a great opportunity for young, talented architecture and design students to confront their concepts with the designs of other participants. The prize pool is more than €40,000. The winners will have the opportunity, among other things, to travel to Milan for the Salone del Mobile international design fair. The competition was inaugurated on 8 November 2023 during a conference as part of the Warsaw Home & Contract fair. Applications must be submitted by 29 February 2024. The winners of the third edition of the Paradyż Designers competition will be announced on 28 March 2024.

Photo Bartek Barczyk

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