Warsaw: build a tramway to Zielona Bialoleka

Tramwaje Warszawskie has announced that the tramway to Zielona Białołęka will be built. The company has just received the environmental decision – a key document without which the investment cannot be realised.A tender for a contractor for the work will be announced shortly

The tramway to Zielona Białołęka will facilitate access to the centre of Warsaw for residents of eastern Białołęka housing estates. Thanks to the line, they will be able to get to the metro station at Kondratowicza Street more quickly. In total, the new section will be 6.5 km long. Its first section will be located at the junction of Matki Teresy z Kalkuty and Rembielińska streets, and then it will run along ul. św. Wincentego, Głębocka, Olszynki Grochowskiej up to the primary school no. 112 in Zaułek street. There will be 8 stops along the way

Trams will be able to run even every 2-3 minutes. Travel time to the metro station at Kondratowicza will be about 15 minutes, and to Dworzec Wileński about 30 minutes

The application for an environmental decision, or so-called environmental decision, was submitted by us in July 2020. The document specifies how to protect the greenery and how to reduce noise emissions. This will be taken into account in the tender materials for the design documentation,” informs Tramwaje Warszawskie

The tender for the design of the tramway to Zielona Białołęka is to be announced later this year. The timetable assumes that construction of the new line will begin by 2030. The route will be built with financial support from the European Union

source: Tramwaje Warszawskie

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