Winna Żona. A new wine bar at Minska 40 in Warsaw.

Winna Żona is another establishment designed by Sojka & Wojciechowski. The team from the popular Żona Krawca confectionery shop in the Praga district is not slowing down, and after the recently opened cafe on Podskarbinska Street (which we wrote about HERE), they have taken on the increasingly popular theme of wine bars in Warsaw. Their new project bears the perverse name…. Winna Żona and is located at 40 Mińska Street, i.e. in a quarter of streets already overrun by fans of Krawiec and his Wife

Winebar focuses on playing with wine and unconventional pairings. Sommelier Mariusz Bonkowski is responsible for their selection. Here you can meet classic Cotes du Rhone, elegant cava, Polish orange wines, and crazy Czech Pet-Nats! There are twelve main architectural and sommelier styles, but it’s still a
rotating warehouse with over a hundred labels interweaves flavours from all over the world and allows for offbeat evenings.What more could you want? An interior that matches the atmosphere of the wine bar!

Its design was entrusted to the Sojka&Wojciechowski studio, already proven in previous projects. This time the designers proposed a dark green tonality, matching both the colour of the bottles and the interior of the building in which the Wine Wife is located. The strong, dark colour of the bar, walls and wine rack was broken by a beautiful pink top made of Salmon Pink stone. Plus the light wood of the furniture and the blush pink upholstery to break up the monotony

The main space is occupied by a large soft sofa, the openwork structure of which was designed not to obstruct the main shop window. Beside it, in the light of the windows, there is a wine rack, which on the one hand is accessible from the premises, and on the other is intended to attract the attention of passers-by. The whole is complemented by warm, soft lighting and we have a recipe for a small, 40 square metre establishment to become one of the hottest addresses in Praga this summer

About the studio:
Sojka & Wojciechowski – we founded our studio in 2004, while we were still students at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. We started by designing small functional forms and interior designs for magazines. To date, together we have designed over 100 interiors – private and public: from a 30-square-metre studio to a 600-square-metre sports club in the centre of Warsaw

Despite the passage of time, we like to call ourselves a young design studio. Over and over again, we draw inspiration from the city we live in by traversing it on a scooter, skateboard or motorbike. We successfully reconcile the latest trends with classic, avant-garde, industrial forms, always approaching each project with a fresh perspective. You can read more about the studio here:

Design team: Mikołaj Wojciechowski, Konrad Sojka, Maciej Granecki / Sojka & Wojciechowski /
Photos: Marek Ogień /

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