We believe that trends are worth avoiding. They pass quickly, give only temporary joy and need to be replaced immediately. This is most evident in fashion, only slightly longer a trend lasts in architecture and design. This is why it makes sense to opt for timeless solutions – to look for classic and simple cuts in fashion, functionality in the world of design and simple, easy-to-arrange forms in architecture. This is exactly the idea that guided us when we chose the themes for the 21st issue of whiteMAD. On the pages of this issue, you will find examples of timeless designs.

In the ‘Fashion’ section, we publish collections by Ewa Ślusakowicz and Isabella Matsili-Reks. These are their first steps into the world of fashion, where the girls want to develop their talents. Both share a passion for design and the ability to create new things using discarded fabrics.

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In the ‘Architecture’ section, look out for an unusual house built in Krakow. Its original form was created by the INDO Architekci team. The building looks as if it has been taken out of the landscape of Tokyo or Osaka. How did it fit into the historical fabric of Krakow? Let’s hope it surprises you positively.

In the same section you will find several examples of brilliantly furnished flats – a large dose of inspiration! There is no shortage of reminiscences either. We recommend the history of the palace in Komierowo and the mental trip to Bucharest which Michał Szymko takes us on. There are also a few words about the fascination of seemingly ugly buildings.

In the “Design” section, we present the profile of Jaro Kose, a Polish designer creating for top brands from all over the world. We also publish bold container designs that remind us of the universal aspect of design. You will also find an interview with Magdalena Koźlicka. In her characteristic way, the illustrator has prepared a portrait of the three of us – the founders of whiteMAD – Kamil Białas, Maciej Stacherski and Adam Zys. The graphics can be seen on the title page of the issue.

Finally, there is the ‘Portfolio’ section, where, using Magda Małyga ‘s graduation project as an example, we address the issue of the historical identity of Kashubia. You will also read an interview with photographer Jarosław Bal, who brilliantly captures architecture with man in the lead role. A photograph by Jarosław Ball adorns the cover of this issue.

We would like to thank the Halupczok company, which is a partner of this issue.

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