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5. Dream Auction – auction for the Mam Marzenie Foundation

Art created by artists has the incredible power to make the world a better world in which to indulge one’s imagination and dreams. on 6 May at 8 p.m. at the DESA Unicum headquarters in Warsaw, the Dream Auction will take place. For the fifth time now, the income from this unique charity auction will be earmarked for making dreams come true for the charges of the Mam Marzenie Foundation.

This year’s auction is packed with particularly promising names from nearly 40 artists with established artistic positions and extensive exhibition achievements. Noteworthy here is an exceptional composition by Czesław Pius Ciapało from the 1970s, belonging to the artist’s most acclaimed series of works, which have been particularly sought after by numerous Polish collectors in recent years. On the other hand, Elżbieta Jabłońska, presenting her own collage at the auction, is the winner of the prestigious Katarzyna Kobro Award for 2022 for her active and progressive attitude bringing creative, searching solutions to contemporary art. From the younger generation of artists, it is worth noting the unusually spatial painting by Jakub Matusewicz. The work belongs to the artist’s latest series, some of whose works were presented at his solo exhibition in the Project Room of the CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, entitled ‘Am I making it up? No, I am recalling’ (5.01-4.02.2024).

Equally interesting is the painting by Ryszard Rabsztyn, which is a record based on hieroglyphic writing and Braille. The artist’s work is a constant search for an ideal form and the realisation of the idea of ‘painting for the blind’. At the same time, Rabsztyn strives in his work to achieve an appropriate and attractive composition also for the sighted. The idea of his paintings is constantly evolving and becoming a riddle – a message encoded with a special alphabet, which the viewer must decipher at a level of difficulty close to ancient hieroglyphs. Rabstein is also accompanied by an affirmation in line with the words of Saint Augustine: ‘Faith means thought present in the spirit’, which he expresses in his work.

Rabsztyn Richard, FOOL (fool), acrylic on canvas, 110×110, 2023

Since 2020, the project has auctioned more than 150 works of art for a total of PLN 186,600, bringing joy to numerous charges of the Mam Marzenie Foundation in making their biggest dreams come true. 8-year-old Filip, who experienced an unforgettable time at Disneyland, or 17-year-old Oliwia, who realised her passions thanks to the stationary computer she received, are just some of them. Throughout its more than 20 years of activity, the Mam Marzenie Foundation has fulfilled almost 10,200 secret wishes of children suffering from life-threatening diseases such as cancer or cystic fibrosis.

Partner of the 5th Dreams Auction: DESA Unicum

Media patrons: RMF Classic, WhiteMAD magazine

More information about the Dream Auction:http://aukcjamarzen.pl

More information about theMam Marzenie Foundation: https://www.mammarzenie.org

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