A campaign to green buildings will be launched in Łódź. Walls will be covered with climbing plants

The campaign to green the buildings will start in September. As a first step, the appearance of three buildings in the centre will be changed. So-called green walls will be created – plants will be planted which will gradually wrap around the buildings

Green facades have many advantages. They allow the walls to cool down on hot days, lower the ambient temperature and purify the air. Another is the visual aspect – climbing plants on the wall of a tenement or other building allow to create a unique atmosphere, and when the technical condition of the building leaves a lot to be desired, they can simply cover up selected fragments

The action of greening buildings is part of a larger project under which new trees and shrubs are being planted in Łódź. The first building to gain a green façade is at 44 Lipowa St. It is a solitary tenement building with a beautiful front façade but exposed side walls. Flowering vines consisting of several species will soon be planted here. The plants will climb on trellises mounted to the wall. It is likely that the gable south wall will be covered with coccorn, three-clawed vine, pointed honeysuckle, common ivy or silver clematis

The wall of the building at 31 Radwańska Street will be treated in a similar way, with plans to green the gable wall on the eastern side. The city plans to plant the same plants here as in the case of the building on Lipowa Street. Here, too, the plants will climb over a special trellis. We publish a photo of the building in the gallery below

44 Lipowa Street in Łódź, photo by Google

The fastest greening will take place at 28 Kopernika St. The building will have a green façade on the east side. Interestingly, ready-made ivy panels will be installed here, so the change will be immediately visible. If the plants are properly cared for they will grow and cover more and more of the building in the future

source: www.lodz.pl

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