A classic interior in a modernist high-rise building. It is decorated with art by painter Maria Kiesner

The flat is located in a very fashionable part of Warsaw – Powiśle. It is located in a building from 1937, which was the first high-rise residential building in Warsaw and is now considered one of the pearls of Warsaw’s modernist architecture. The classic interior was designed by la folie studio with a young couple leading an active lifestyle in mind.

The flat is 75 m2, so it is relatively small. It originally consisted of a long corridor, with separate entrances to each of the two rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. With its layout, it resembled a tramway. Before the makeover, it was in a deplorable state and the floors were almost completely hidden under rubbish. When renovating this flat, the architects from la folie studio completely changed its functionality, which allowed them to optimise the space. By moving the walls, they managed to create a flat with a spacious living room with kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a very large dressing room.

The architects’ intention was to create interiors that were classic on the one hand, and alluding to the modernist architecture of the building on the other. The owners also wanted the flat to be interesting but subdued. It is meant to be a background for the life that goes on in the house. To this end, a lot of light colours in various shades of white and natural wood were used, which gives the rooms a unique atmosphere of calm and cosiness, but at the same time a classic, pre-war style. The only very strong accent that has determined the interior is the stone in the bathroom. It plays the first fiddle there.

The classic character of this bathroom, on the other hand, is emphasised by the beautiful faucets of the timeless British brand Burlignton. The modernist character of the interior is accentuated by the art of the well-known Warsaw painter Maria Kiesner. Maria specialises in painting modernist architecture. Although a painting depicting the building in which the flat is located has already been sold to another client, this one is considering commissioning another such work from her with an icon of Warsaw’s modernist architecture – the skyscraper at 4 Sewerynów Street.

Source: la folie studio

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Theme: a classic interior in a modernist high-rise building. It is decorated with art by painter Maria Kiesner

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