A flat full of colour and interesting solutions. We take a look at Wrocław!

A flat full of colour by the architects at Na No Wo Architekci was given the name VERYHAPPYFLAT. The name is no accident. The amount of colours, playful accents and unusual solutions in this interior makes the prevailing aura extremely positive.

The flat has been designed for a family of four with a cat, and with the cat in mind, the living room has been fitted out with a custom-designed scratching post, a cat fountain and an opening in the bathroom door to allow permanent access to a litter tray concealed in the under-sink cabinet. The floors will be finished with moisture- and scratch-resistant vinyl plank for practical reasons. In the corridor, the built-in furniture includes an illuminated recess for a terrarium for the next resident stick insects

Thanks to the large number of windows and exposure to two sides of the world, the flat is well-lit and bright, which is emphasised in the arrangement with the white of the walls and floors. This neutral colour is the ideal background for the neon, intense colours that make up the unique character of the interior. The colour palette was defined by the client and became the basis for the design. The inspiration came from a photo of the owner’s private sneakers

The strong colours were complemented by the shapes of circles and arcs of the furniture and fittings, creating an original and bold interior. The décor of a flat can say a lot about us. When its décor is a reflection of our personality, we can be assured of happy mornings

“Our investor, with her exceptionally expressive personality, already loved her new flat when she could still only see it on her monitor screen. Now, when she invited us to the end of the realisation, she made no secret of her happiness, and the flat reflects her appearance and colourful soul.” – add the architects

Project: VERYHAPPYFLAT, Wrocław
Architects: : NA NO WO ARCHITEKCI Rafał Tamowicz, Piotr Cugier / www.nanowoarchitekci.pl
Photography: Maciej Lulko

About the architects
NA NO WO architekci studio was founded in 2012 by Piotr Cugier and Rafał Tamowicz in Wroclaw. Our team is made up of young and creative architects and a collaborating group of experienced trade designers. Although our favourite style is minimalism and simple and geometric divisions, we try to understand the needs and tastes of the investor every time so that the project completed by us is a source of satisfaction and contentment not only for the designers but above all for the future user. Our studio carries out design tasks regardless of function and scale from furniture, interiors and single-family houses to public buildings and industrial facilities. Due to our specialist training and experience gained over the years, we specialise in the renovation and adaptation of historic buildings. We begin our work on a new theme with a thorough analysis of the site, focusing on perceiving and bringing out its potential while eliminating existing faults and functional problems. All this with the aim of creating a space that is as comfortable to live in and timeless as possible. NA NO WO because every project is a new challenge, a new look, new experiences, new clients, new emotions

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