A flat in a 19th-century outbuilding in Łódź. Black and white reigns here!

The flat in a 19th-century outbuilding was created by the ISKRA Pracownia Architektoniczna studio. Architects Mateusz Ignaczak and Justyna Szargan proposed an interior dominated by a strong colour contrast based on shades of white and black. The effect? See for yourself!

The project involved the reconstruction of a flat located in the very centre of Łódź, in an annexe of one of the 19th-century tenement houses. The flat, which underwent a thorough renovation at the end of the 1990s, resembled a nightmare of the previous era in its appearance

“A small kitchen, a lack of storage space for clothes, a bedroom so big that it would have accommodated six beds were just some of the pains we had to face.” – say the architects

By rearranging several walls, the functionality of the flat was significantly improved. Despite difficulties with plumbing and ventilation, it was possible to move the kitchen into the living room, and a separate study appeared in its place. The bedroom was moved to the mezzanine, and a spacious dressing room was placed underneath. The living area gained additional metres, which made it possible to place a kitchenette, a table for six and a large, comfortable lounge

Visually, the flat was intended to be modern, bright and spacious. As it is located on the first floor of an outbuilding, in a cramped courtyard, the amount of light that enters the flat is limited. The use of white polyurethane resin flooring meant that sunlight is reflected and diffused throughout the flat. Geometric forms in contrasting colours of white and graphite gave the flat a very modern feel

About the studio
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