A GOCC mural has been unveiled in Bielany. Its design was made by Jurek Owsiak himself

on 28 March, Bielany volunteers, Bielany district mayor Grzegorz Pietruczuk, WOŚP Foundation CEO Jurek Owsiak, Rev. Wojciech Drozdowicz and residents symbolically unveiled a new, huge mural, which was created on the wall of a block of flats at 155 Marymoncka Street in Warsaw. When designing the mural, its author – the head of the WOŚP Foundation – referred to the exceptional charity and solidarity of the district’s residents. The whole mural is maintained in vivid colours and its theme refers to the orchestra.

The most important guests at the event were volunteers from Bielany, involved in this year’s collection and organisation of events accompanying the 32nd Finale. In January, more than 900 people joined Bielany in tournaments, runs, swimming competitions, walruses or concerts, forming a total of six headquarters. Kindergarten, school and high school students collected money from a can with a distinctive heart. Parents and senior citizens baked cakes, prepared decorations for the final event and firefighters taught first aid and how to use the AED defibrillator.

I know Spindle very well. A few decades ago we left here, from a friend of mine, to hitchhike to Gdańsk. It was here that we listened for the first time to the music of the American Woodstock. Here in Bielany, in these houses, the first ideas of making a beautiful concert, which today is one of the most beautiful in the world, were formed. And perhaps the idea of the orchestra, of such a community, was born right here at Wrzecion,” said Jurek Owsiak.

Local entrepreneurs and private individuals joined in organising the Finale, donating their services and unique items, which made it possible to hold almost 330 auctions. During the Finale in Bielany, which was dedicated to the purchase of equipment for diagnosing, monitoring and rehabilitating lung diseases of patients in pulmonology wards for children and adults, 570,000 zloty was collected.

Mural WOŚP
Fot. bielany.um.warszawa.pl

The mural is almost 300 square metres in size and was created over 7 working days. It was painted by a group of 5 artists from Wallart, who were selected in a competition announced by the Bielański Dom Kultury. The centre of the mural is the characteristic and well-known heart, which is the foundation’s logo. Around it are colourful elements associated with music and orchestras, such as trumpets or guitars. Underneath is the inscription:



Hello Jurek Owsiak

The location of the mural is very important and symbolic – it is the entrance road to Warsaw from the direction of Gdańsk. The mural was not funded by WOŚP.

Let us not be afraid of challenges. Challenges like the ones we took on 32 years ago. We thought it would last for a while, and it still does today, ” added the Foundation’s CEO.

This is already the fifth mural (after paintings in The Hague, Łódź, Słubice and Zielonki-Parceli) and the 69th place named after the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity on the map of Poland and the world.

Authors: Wallart

Source: bielany.um.warszawa.pl, WOŚP

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Subject: A GOCC mural was unveiled in Bielany. Its design was made by Jurek Owsiak himself

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