A green enclave in the heart of the city. The park in Moravian Square has undergone a metamorphosis

The park on Moravian Square in Brno has become a vibrant new place, at once full of calm and in sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city’s traffic. The project represents a comprehensive approach to the revitalisation of a frequently used public space in Brno’s historic centre, meeting the requirements of the 21st century. It incorporates elements of blue-green infrastructure, environmental and biodiversity sustainability requirements and community co-creation.

A distinctive and distinctive feature is the central area, which introduces a new public space to Brno – the urban arena. It is a meeting place in the heart of the park, equipped with a fountain that creates a water mirror or misty cloud. The arena is surrounded by a massive bench in the form of a ring, which gives the place a sense of tranquillity. This unique space is exclusively for pedestrians. The bench invites relaxation, where everyone can unwind amidst the greenery in the middle of a noisy city. In the summer, when life in the public space flourishes, the Arena becomes the perfect place of refreshment for children and adults. This has earned it the nickname ‘Brno Sea’. The central area, characterised by its dynamic vitality and poetic tranquillity, is the core of the project. The site changes its rhythm with the seasons and even during the day.

Park na placu Morawskim

It was also very important to discover the potential of the northern part and to integrate the café and playground into the new look of the park. Previously unused areas have been completely transformed into an attractive place with a view of the rediscovered city skyline with St Thomas’ Church. The café pavilion acts as a link between the park and the city. The café itself, together with the terrace, encloses a circular, shaded promenade under the old trees and creates a variety of spaces for relaxation and interaction. The theme of reflection is evoked by the neon sign ‘Budoucnost’ (Future) on the café’s rusted façade, whose façade is made of gradually rusting, weather-resistant steel.

Park na placu Morawskim

In the centre of the children’s section there is a carousel and various sized chairs and tables. The original elements are inspired by the concept of the city as a metropolis full of cafés. Along the circular promenade there are grassy and meadow areas that provide tranquillity and shade. A distinct edge visually connects the park to the surroundings. Walking through the area, you can enjoy each season based on the currently flowering perennials and bulbous plants. Flowers, shrubs and trees create an oasis of peace and security. The entrances to the park are designed along designated paths. The method used here was to map the original beaten paths in fresh snow using drone photography. The key route consists of a wide main avenue, smaller links in a radial arrangement and a circular promenade.

The park in Moravian Square also features blue-green infrastructure that restores the water regime to its original state. These nature-inspired installations maximise the retention of rainwater in the park, allowing it to infiltrate safely into the ground and providing better irrigation for the vegetation. On hot days, there is a favourable microclimate in and around the park, which is further enhanced by the fountain and cooling mist jets. Blue-green infrastructure is an essential means of adapting to climate change in urbanised areas, as it systematically and most effectively prevents floods and droughts.

Park na placu Morawskim

All paved surfaces are sloped, directing water into gravel swales and gravel furrow systems. Some of the rainwater is used to water the flood channel, the trees in the gravel or the strip at the northern edge of the park. Species selection continues the existing diversity and also introduces alien species tolerant of climate change. The crowns of the shrubs are pruned gradually, creating solitaries. Larger areas of lawn intensively receive and absorb water due to the deep gravel profiles. These come in three types: picnic area in the central park area, grass-herb communities in semi-shaded areas under trees and in floodplains, gravel lawns around play equipment and seeded granite cube joints.

A distinctive feature of the park is a border consisting of herbaceous layers, shrubs and trees. This creates a protected environmental framework with good conditions for diverse wildlife to thrive. The riverbed with modelled depressions and hills is inspired by natural processes in the periodically flooded biotopes of the Moravian landscape. The three habitat types taking into account water conditions include depressions, uplands and a transition zone. Similarly, there are water-filled grass and fern beds near the café.

Studio: Consequence forma architects
Authors: Martin Sládek, Janica Šipulová and others
Project location: Moravian Square in Brno, Czech Republic
Year of completion: 2022
Photography: BoysPlayNice

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Subject: The park on Moravian Square in Brno has undergone a metamorphosis

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