A hotel on Lake Malta in Poznań is getting closer. The investment has been given the green light

A 150-metre-long lakeside hotel will stand across the slope, right on one of Poznań’s largest bodies of water. The investor, which is the Malta Ski company, fought for permission for this investment for more than two years. He finally got the green light to carry out the work, as part of which five buildings will be demolished and a hotel building with a service part (ski equipment rental) will be built, along with technical infrastructure.

The designed five-star hotel, owned by the Malta Ski company, will be operated under the Mövenpick brand by the international Accor chain. The shape of the body of the hotel has been created based on urban conditions and the guidelines of the local development plan. The building will stand at the foot of the ski slope, along the pedestrian and cycle path surrounding Lake Malta.

A hotel on Lake Malta. Photo: Oda Studio

In accordance with the guidelines of the local zoning plan, a two-storey building was designed with an accent in the form of a third storey. The overhang of part of the hotel over the ski slope determined the representative space of the ground floor, which reaches 7 metres in height and houses a spacious lobby with a bar and restaurant, as well as conference rooms. A swimming pool and fitness area were also designed on the ground floor, as well as a winter equipment rental facility, which will replace the currently functioning chaotic buildings accompanying the Malta Ski slope. The first and second floor floors will accommodate 160 hotel rooms. The second floor will also feature a spacious terrace overlooking the lake. The space of the lobby, bar and restaurant, which is open to the adjacent pedestrian and cycle path, offers broad accessibility to the building from the outside through folding glass systems. It is intended to generate a new shared public space.

Hotel nad jeziorem
Hotel on Lake Malta in winter. Photo by Oda Studio

The building was designed as an elongated block with breaklines alluding to the course of the Lake Malta shoreline. Through its horizontal form, it fits into the surrounding spatial and architectural and urban context of the Malta Regatta Course with its technical and sports buildings. The Mound of Independence, adjacent to the future hotel, needs to be finalised by the authorities of Poznań and Wielkopolska as the hill is unfinished. Currently, its height is 90 m above sea level, when the target height according to the project should be 118 m above sea level. For years, various bodies have been calling for the hill to be restored to its target form and proper height, i.e. around 30 metres above the level of Arcybiskupa Baraniaka Street. The completed mound will then dominate the massing. The composition of the façade is an arrangement of glazing and concrete pilasters, differentiated on individual storeys by shape, texture and density. In addition, concrete inter-storey cornices have been introduced to emphasise the horizontal character of the building.

Hotel nad jeziorem
Hotel on Lake Malta – elevation. Photo: Oda Studio

A green-grey colour was used as the main colour of the facade. The choice of green is not accidental – it is the colour of the roofs of the sports and technical buildings of the Malta Regatta Course and POSiR located along the lake, the HP Park Hotel Poznań and the Malta Yacht Club restaurant. Construction is expected to start in spring 2025 and take two years.

Poznan studios Oda Studio Magdalena Majewska and Boaa Michał Bekas are responsible for the architecture of the building. The construction is a project by ACE Przybyłowicz Szewczyk.

Source: Oda Studio Magdalena Majewska, money.pl

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