Todos architekci / dom skryty w Krakowie

A house secreted in Krakow according to a design by todos architekci.

A hidden house – this is the name given to the latest single-family house project by todos architekci architects. The latest single-family house by the todos.architekci studio was located on the outskirts of Krakow. The presented body of the building is the result of a compromise between the Investor’s detailed guidelines and the provisions of the Local Plan. Due to the corner plot, the Investor was keen to achieve quite a lot of privacy from the public side, while at the same time retaining light in the rooms and view openings to the area surrounding the building.

The house has an asymmetrical and strongly horizontal composition, and the proposed solid solutions are to be a kind of transformation of the archetype of the traditional form of the symmetrical Cracovian house. The building rises on small plinths and is surrounded by rectangular ponds in whose surface the volume is reflected. The different textures and colours of the various materials, including the water surface, are intended to give the impression that each plane has an independent function. The designed house is a plastic compositional whole, constructed as a three-dimensional collage – analogous to the techniques used by Mies van der Rohe in his architectural works.

Reflections of the building, emphasising its proportions, have also been used in the form of composite panels on the high-gloss walls in some semi-open atriums. In the proposed solutions, the depth of the building is shown both horizontally and vertically. This allows the designed spaces to be optically enlarged, while retaining the relatively small building footprint implied by the local plan.

The massing of the building has been adjusted to its restrictive guidelines, such as the prominence of the plinth, the use of natural materials, the preservation of the imposed proportions of the façade, the form of the roof as well as the window divisions on the façade.

About the studio:
todos. architekci is a design team whose cooperation was established on the basis of joint successes in national architectural competitions. This collaboration is complemented by professional experience gained in renowned design offices in Europe, including Paris, Düsseldorf, Porto, London and Warsaw. The skills gained together result in an individual approach to each task entrusted. The mutual complementarity in terms of knowledge and skills allows us to create a solid brand. The studio focuses mainly on the design of premium single-family homes, multi-family residential estates, commercial and public buildings, as well as the renovation and redevelopment of historic buildings, public space development projects and interior design.

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