A playground using natural materials. Here is Flora Play from Buglo

Playgrounds can facilitate children’s contact with nature. Buglo has created a series of equipment that are built using natural materials. Their characteristics are good design and a harmonious fit with the surrounding nature. Robinia wood has been used in the equipment, thus emphasising the natural character of the playground

The images associated with playgrounds often refer to similar objects – classic houses, ladders, slides or swings. This time Buglo decided to depart from the standard form of children’s equipment, introducing the Flora Play collection. What makes it stand out? First of all, it perfectly reproduces the natural environment. The colours, form and materials used coherently fill the space, giving the impression that the product is one with nature

The inspiration for the new playground series came from nature, more specifically from pampas grasses, miscanthus and reeds. The new equipment combines a form taken from nature with play functions – climbing, pulling up or sliding. Thus, their design stands out considerably from the well-known play equipment

We wanted to create a line of playground equipment that would not only refer to nature in its shape, but also in the materials used. The Flora Play collection, of which we are proud, is the result of the work of our designers to create equipment that looks like a natural element of the environment.


new shape of the playground encourages the youngest to discover its functionality and allows them to feel close to nature,” says Andrzej Sas, Member of the Management Board of Buglo Play.

Andrzej Sas, Member of the Management Board of Buglo Play

As part of the Flora Play series, seven devices were premiered. Each of them is a different combination of appropriately shaped steel tubes and ladders, beams made of acacia robinia and a system of ropes connected in various ways. Flora Play is a complementary collection to the many pieces of equipment already available in the Buglo range. Itperfectly complements, among others, theOrganiq series referring to animal shapes. Building a playground composed of equipment from both collections allows you to create a unique land straight from nature

The design of the new equipment will fit perfectly in a variety of settings. Urban parks, gardens or squares will be almost natural surroundings for a Flora Play play ground.On the other hand, modern and heavily built-up housing estates, where green areas are permanently lacking, can have their visual substitute in a usable form. In the Flora Play collection, we have used robinia wood, which is distinguished by its exceptional resistance to external influences without the need for impregnation. Children’s contact with the texture of a natural piece of wood stimulates them sensorially ,adds Andrzej Sas, Board Member of Buglo Play

The new collection is enthusiastically received by architects responsible for creating urban spaces. They see great design potential in it, encouraged by the unique design of the equipment presented by Buglo

When thinking about a playground, I always try to create spaces that are inspiring, that give children the opportunity for creative play, communing with nature and the beauty of detail. The robin elements that are often used nowadays are a wonderful and malleable material for the design of such park playgrounds. The possibility of combining pure wooden elements with modern, steel, simple in form constructions, offers a huge number of possibilities for arranging beautiful children’s areas. The new Flora Play series, which starts with a grass-like design, allows for many inspiring combinations. Limiting the colour scheme of the children’s space to 2 – 3 colours, adding a natural surface and combining the equipment with other proposals from Buglo, such as those from the Robinia Play series or the popular Mantis from the Organiq series, surrounded by trees, bushes and water play, will allow you to create a fabulous square full of greenery and challenges, says Urszula Michalska from landscape architecture studio Kształtownia.pl

The Flora Play collection has been available from Buglo since the beginning of August. Soon, equipment from the new series will also become part of playgrounds in various corners of the world. More about the series at www.buglo.pl

source: Buglo

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