Tubo OR Sterling Gold Gesture Control

A Polish company has created a hood like a work of art. It is a minimalist tube in the colour of gold

This is the only hood in Europe that has been crafted like a piece of jewellery. The simple gold-coloured tube is equipped with state-of-the-art features and the entire unit can be controlled without contact. The Tubo Sterling Gold is a ventilation hood that was designed and manufactured by Nortberg in Poland. What makes it stand out? Take a look

There hasn’t been an appliance like this on the market before. It is distinguished by its high-quality coating, which is not lacquered, but metallised, like jewellery from jewellers

The gold cooker hood is for the conscious consumer who pays attention to every detail when decorating his or her living space. The bold colour also helps to give the kitchen area an original touch. This colour provides interior designers with additional possibilities. A gold-coloured cooker hood can be combined with a strong marble, art glass or quartz sinter finish. In addition, it works well in eclectic interiors. This is due to its minimalist form – the golden tube is devoid of ornamentation

Many months of work on the preparation of the decorative layer made it possible to achieve the intended jeweller’s effect. The golden eaves, which our customers, investors, designers and interior architects have been looking for for years, finally makes its debut presenting its brilliant colour: warm, subtle and full of finesse. It is the colour that catches the eye, enchanting with its radiance and play of light. Its intensity and depth are further emphasised by the sun’s rays. The spectacle of light makes the golden tube like a piece of jewellery, which brings out beauty, evokes emotions and creates a magical aura , informs Nortberg

The Tubo Sterling Gold canopy, in the form of a tube with a diameter of 40 cm, is made of stainless steel with a bright gold finish. Its coating is distinguished by the minimalist cut of the steel. It is a detail, but of great importance

The unit is equipped with a four-stage BLDC brushless turbine, which is not only energy-efficient but also incredibly quiet. The volume in the first gear is just 38 dB. The cooker hood illuminates the hob with LED meshes. These too are energy-efficient and, in addition, their colour temperature of 4000K is close to daylight. As a result, the light does not tire the eyes and faithfully reproduces the colours of the food being prepared. The cooker hood is available in light (Sterling Gold) and dark (Royal Gold). This is complemented by black tempered glass: safe and hygienic

The Gesture Control function is worth mentioning here. When indulging in culinary experiments, the appliance can be switched on and off without any worries. Dirty hands won’t be a problem; a simple movement of the hand near the sensor is enough to control the cooker hood. In addition, the appliance can be operated from almost anywhere in the room using the radio remote control. This is a useful feature if you want to switch on the cooker hood from a distance to create airflow in the kitchen

A twin model with identical shape and specifications is the Tubo Royal Gold Gesture Control. This version is dark gold in colour, with a special coating that makes the cooker hood shimmer in the sunlight. The intense real gold colour of the cooker hood is ideal for minimalist kitchens. If you want to make it the star of the room, install it in a central position just above the kitchen island. It is sure to be admired like a work of art in a museum

These are not the only golden versions of the Tubo from Nortberg, as the cooker hood is available in several variants

  • island hood finished in light gold: Tubo Sterling Gold Gesture Control
  • island hood in dark gold finish: Tubo Royal Gold Gesture Control
  • light gold chimney hood: Tubo OR Sterling Gold Gesture Control
  • dark gold chimney hood: Tubo OR Royal Gold Gesture Control

For more information, please visit the official website at www.nortberg.pl

source: nortberg.co.uk

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Tubo Royal Gold Gesture Control hood

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