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A treat for cyclists. Gdansk wants to build a network of cycling eco-paths

A network of cycle eco highways is to be created in Gdańsk. To this end, a contract was signed for the development of a study for the construction of a system of fast bicycle routes, which will initially be created in five locations. Such routes are to connect the city’s districts.

The signed contract is the first step. The study will identify the technical conditions that will help to prepare the project. The idea for the network stems from the insufficient number of fast and safe inter-district cycle routes. The new infrastructure is intended to be cycle-friendly, collision-free and safe, so that cycling becomes an attractive alternative to the car or public transport.

The analysis is to identify sections, which are problematic for the realisation of the project. In the first place the locations of eco-roads will be examined:

1. Along the PKM (from the Kiełpinek stop to Rakoczego Street),
2. Gdańsk Południe Wrzeszcz , further on WSE (sections from al. Adamowicza to ul. Wileńska and from ul. Fiszera to al. Grunwaldzka),
3. Droga Czerwona Street – from the City boundary to Oliwska Gate,
4. Along the Radunia Canal – from Groddecka Junction to Starogardzka Street,
5. Trasa Oruńska – along the planned PKM Południe railway line, on the section from ul. Świętokrzyska to the ecostrade along the Radunia Canal.

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The document produced will determine the cost that a section of the route will entail and identify possible options. The analysis will be carried out by Green Cities Infrasturcture Sp. z o.o.. The cost of preparing the documents will amount to PLN 690,000.

When will Gdańsk cyclists benefit from the new routes? We still have to wait for that. The analysis itself will be ready at the end of 2024.

source: the Directorate for Urban Development of Gdańsk

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