An environmental education centre is being built in Warsaw. An old forester’s lodge has been adapted for it

Work on the construction of the new Environmental Education Centre of the Warsaw City Forests is nearing completion. As part of the investment, the historic forester’s lodge located on Papirus Street in Bielany was renovated, and a new facility – modern and energy-efficient – was built right behind it. The complex is scheduled to open this year.

The Centre for Ecological Education is being built next to the Młociński Forest. The new facility will enable the development of the existing didactic base of the Warsaw foresters. In addition to lessons on typical forestry topics, visitors will also be able to learn a great deal about environmental protection and climate change. Among other things, participants will be able to learn about water conservation, composting and recycling, as well as about alternative energy sources. The launch of classes at the new centre is planned for the second half of the year. The final finishing touches are currently being put in place. Outside, finished wooden terraces can be seen at both sites, as well as pavements and paths among the greenery.

Centrum Edukacji Ekologicznej

The façade of the new centre is decorated with wooden laths and the roof is covered with vegetation. The centre already has heat pumps in operation and a photovoltaic system is installed on the building. The building is also equipped with heat recovery ventilation. Inside, all the rooms are ready, including a multifunctional conference and workshop room overlooking the greenery, a laboratory room, education rooms and offices. Furnishing and equipping the centre with educational aids will continue in the coming months. The old forester’s house is also almost ready. The old windows and doors, which were dismantled during the renovation, have been incorporated into the newly arranged interior space and have undergone conservation.

Centrum Edukacji Ekologicznej

The investment is being carried out by Stołeczny Zarząd Rozbudowy Miasta. A consortium of companies is responsible for the design and construction work: MODANTA, Cora New and P.B.E. “ELBUD” Gdańsk. The cost of the investment is nearly PLN 18 million.

The project ‘Extension of the existing didactic base at 1/3 Papirusów Street through renovation of the forester’s lodge and creation of an Environmental Education Centre’ is co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management under Priority Programme 5.5 ‘Ecological Education’.


Photos: Stołeczny Zarząd Rozbudowy Miasta

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