An interior to munch on! Taka Tajka restaurant in Warsaw

Taka Thai is a restaurant specialising in Thai cuisine. Its interior was designed by architect Kacper Gronkiewicz in collaboration with Karolina Jakowiecka and Zuzanna Spaltabaka. The distinctive space was captured in photographs by Ernest Wińczyk (Wunderkamera Studio).

Nothing here is by chance. The colour palette, the functional layout, the furniture and even the indentations on the tables were created for specific reasons. The atypical décor is intended to encourage you to munch not only the dishes served here, but also the design. A visit to Taka Thai is like a night walk in Bangkok!

This design is about food. Biting, chewing and even spitting was the inspiration to create the author’s series of marble and painted wood furniture, describes the designer.

Taka Tajka operates at 39a Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw. The interior of the restaurant was filled with custom-made furniture. One example is the ‘over-cut’ table tops. The special indentations symbolise Yaksha – taken from Hindu and Buddhist mythology, which have a special significance in Thai culture. Yaksha are spirits who were believed to be guardians of treasures, as well as guardians of nature and the heavenly world. Yaksha are associated with protection and good luck, as well as local traditions. The large tusks of these spirits are symbolically depicted in the furniture. Like a Yaksha, the designer ‘bit off’ parts of the tabletops and wooden supports. – I wanted Taka Thai to be an interior simply to munch on! – says Kacper Gronkiewicz.

An important design element is a neon sign depicting teeth, gums and lips. This is a reference to betel, a fruit that grows in tropical areas of Asia and is a popular stimulant. This stimulant colours saliva purple. Chewed in the mouth, it requires frequent spitting, which is why betel users often have their beards and hands stained purple. The colourful consequences of chewing betel are supposed to symbolise the colouring of the entire premises.

The desired effect was achieved with lighting. Punctuated, neon, coloured… a feast of colours meant to evoke the nightlife of Thailand’s capital city.

Kacper Gronkiewicz

Pale dawn or late evening are the times when the sun’s rays mingle with the colourful glow of neon lights illuminating the streets of Thai towns. In the interiors of Taka Thai, we wanted to capture this magical moment, and the purple light feeding the plants played in our orchestra, conquering the pink gradients of the walls and floor, explains Kacper Gronkiewicz.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that not all the furnishings are new. In order to reduce costs and consumption of natural resources, the furnishings were made from recycled materials. Seats were hung above the heads, which were obtained from an old furniture shop and transformed into pendant lights. This also applies to the kitchen appliances, which have been given a second life in Taka Tajka.

design: Kacper Gronkiewicz
photos: Ernest Wińczyk – Wunderkamera Studio, assistance: Krzysztof Durmaj

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