Animal Helper. Poles have created an app to rescue animals.

Animal Helper is an app created by three people. They are Adam Van Bendler, a stand-up singer and founder of the ‘Dog’s Blood’ foundation, and Paweł Gebert, a forensic expert in animal protection and welfare. The whole project is supported by Maciej Wilk and the Stage Production team. It is an app that was created to help animals in trouble. Not only will it reduce the response time of the services in the event of inhumane treatment or a threat to life, but it will also help build a pro-animal society that is aware of and sensitive to injustice towards defenceless quadrupeds. The ‘Animal Helper’ application was created on the initiative of the ‘Dog Blood’ foundation in Gdynia. The second phase of testing is currently underway.

Behind the project to create the ‘Animal Helper’ application is the ‘Dog Blood’ foundation, which has been helping animals in need for several years. They are wards of shelters and other institutions throughout the country. The people of Gdynia had the opportunity to get acquainted with their activities, among others, during the “Charity Match for Dog Blood, or Comedians vs Rappers” or the “Charity Stand-up Comedy Gala”

The originators of the application are Adam Van Bendler – stand-up comedian and founder of the “Dog’s Blood” Foundation – and Paweł Gebert – forensic expert in animal protection and welfare. The whole project is supported by Maciej Wilk and the Stage Production team

The primary objective of the app is to save the life and health of animals. It is intended to reduce the reaction time in the event of a threat to their lives, and to help build a pro-animal society that is sensitive to the harm of defenceless quadrupeds. In a nutshell: the app will be the equivalent of the 112 emergency number, only for animals

Last year, we encouraged people on the website to take part in the testing of Animal Helper. Since then, the app has been developed both in a web-based version and available on IOS and Android. This has been successful thanks to the cooperation and tremendous support of LSN and BinarApps, who are Technology Partners of the creators of ‘Animal Helper’. A second phase of testing is currently underway

“Over the past months, our developers have been implementing improvements resulting from the feedback collected after the first testing phase. The application is almost complete – now the same testers have the opportunity to check again that everything is already working as it should, and the developers are working on the implementation of additional modules that will extend and improve the operation of the application,” – informs Magdalena Matelska of the Dog Blood Foundation

In order to be able to accept applications, it is necessary not only to complete the application, but also to set up a head office and hire staff

“As we are a charity, due to limited resources, all this is not happening as quickly as we would like, but we are proud and happy to say that we are getting closer. When each of the elements is ready, we will start accepting applications – first from the Pomorskie Voivodeship, and then we will gradually expand to other voivodeships, until the application covers the whole country,’ adds Magdalena Matelska

The “Animal helper” application is

  • a simple interface and intuitive menu, which will allow you to quickly send a report with a photo or video, geotag and description of the case, so that both younger and older users can do it without problems,
  • non-commercial application – free of charge, accessible to all on any smartphone, with no additional paid features,
  • fast action – when filling in the report form, the app will directly redirect the user to the camera function or photo gallery, which is the best evidence in a case of abuse, neglect or a hit-and-run or an animal abandoned to its fate,
  • precise location – the application will immediately communicate the exact location of the incident using the GPS module. This will allow the notified services to arrive more quickly,
  • professional assistance – all cases will be handled by specially trained employees of the head office, who will receive the form notifications,
  • contact database – in the case of telephone notifications, the application will suggest (depending on the region) a number of numbers of local emergency services,
  • advice-rich application – the user will find legal, veterinary, zoo-psychological advice and first aid tips, supported by infographics for easier absorption of information.

More information about the application can be found on the “Animal Helper” website

source: UM Gdynia /
text: Magdalena Śliżewska
photos, graphics: Psia Krew / Animal Helper /

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