Another Poznań tenement will be beautified. 32 Św. Marcin Street will regain its former glory

The tenement house at 32 Święty Marcin Street in Poznań will be transformed beyond recognition. The FID Group has already started renovation work that will restore the building’s former splendour, and the interiors will be adapted to modern standards and requirements – all with respect for the historic substance and under the eye of the conservation officer.

The classic shape of the historic building, the thick walls made of real brick, the high ceilings and the large windows bear witness to the high class of this building. The investor declares that the original ornaments and details will be preserved while restoring the tenement to its former glory from the time of the building’s construction, i.e. the 1880s.

On the renewed façade of the building, where all ornaments will be restored in accordance with the findings and requirements of the conservation officer, the balconies that were dismantled years ago will be returned, and the original wrought iron balustrades will be reinstalled on the existing balconies. The windows at the front will also be given a form established in accordance with conservation requirements. The representative staircases will undergo meticulous restoration. The building will be fitted with a glass lift in the staircase, which will enable comfortable access to the upper floors. New installations will be added to the building, and the connected district heating and fibre-optic cable will make the Nowy Św. Marcin building a 21st-century investment surrounded by the spirit of old architecture.

32 Święty Marcin tenement house before and after renovation

The tenement houses 4 commercial units and 54 residential units, of which those owned by FID Group have been refurbished, sold and range from 26 to 58 sqm. The back of the building conceals an intimate courtyard, which will be entirely dedicated to the needs of the tenants.

The centre of Poznań and the area around Święty Marcin Street have been undergoing intensive redevelopment for several years. As part of the work, greenery has been planted, the tracks have been modernised and comfortable, safe conditions for pedestrians have been created.

Source: FID Group

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