Another section of Bank Square has been concreted over. This is how Warsaw started this year’s urban greening season

Bank Square will be greener. Planting of new shrubs and trees has just started in the corner on Elektoralna Street. This is the city’s first ‘green’ project this year. It complements last year’s work, during which 20 new trees appeared in the square.

The western leg of Marszałkowska Street between the intersection with Królewska Street and Bankowy Square was rebuilt in 2023 as part of the implementation of the next stage of the New Warsaw Centre. More than 50 new trees were added to Marszałkowska Street alone, and the changes also extended to the square to some extent.

A new row of plane trees planted at the end of 2023 on the west side of Bank Square

Plac Bankowy

A row of 10 swamp oaks has appeared in the area at Senatorska Street and the same number of plane trees in the corner at Solidarności Avenue. Both these rows of trees are the result of modifications and extensions to the original scope of the project. This was only possible thanks to concerted and efficient cooperation with the conservation officer. At that stage, a row of robust plane trees reached the height of the main entrance to the historic Palace of the Government Commission for Revenue and Treasury, a historic classicist building which now serves as the city hall and the seat of the Mazovian Governor, among other things.

Bank Square – first preparatory works for the extension of the tree line

For the start of spring we have a little green surprise. Over the winter we worked out a project on our own inside ZDM to extend the tree line to the very end of the Palace, i.e. to the level of the junction with Elektoralna Street. Thework has just begun and should be completed in the next few weeks,” informs the City Roads Authority.

Nine more oak trees will appear along the stairs by the historic building. The trees will grow out of green beds planted with glossy iga. This will create more than 200 square metres of new biologically active area in a relatively small area. The contractor, KROL Construction Company, is currently stripping the redundant concrete surface and preparing the ground for tree planting. In parallel, a hedge is also being established between the oak trees planted last year closer to Senatorska Street.

In anticipation of the final redevelopment of the entire Bank Square, the city is gradually introducing a series of smaller changes designed in the same spirit.


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