ARBITON vinyl panels win RED DOT award

Vinyl panels with a mineral core have won the most important design award – the RED DOT. Produced entirely in Poland, the floor was recognised in an international competition. The RED DOT jury appreciated the Arbiton floor with mineral core with Aculay acoustic layer not only for its unique design, but also for its exceptional functionality and ecology.

Whether beautiful, functional, intelligent or innovative – the products honoured by the Red Dot Award jury are united by their unique design quality. Every year, several thousand designs from all over the world are submitted to the competition. In this year’s edition, the award went to an innovative solution – a floor with a mineral core with an acoustic layer called Aculay – designed and produced entirely in Poland, by the Decora S.A. company from the Wielkopolska region. This is a huge success for the domestic flooring industry.

“Decora is an innovator in the field of flooring systems and floor finishes. We have our own research and development laboratory, where hundreds of products are tested every year. As a result, we are able to offer technological solutions ahead of other manufacturers, such as the high-density mineral core that is a key component of our SPC vinyl floors. Our own laboratory also allows us to conduct research into the acoustics of vinyl flooring and improve our products. Our production is entirely in Europe, so we maintain a high quality standard. Our products are sold in more than 50 countries and the market is constantly expanding. The RED DOT is a source of pride for us! It means that our products are absolutely world-class in terms of aesthetics, functionality and quality. It is the most prestigious award in the field of industrial design, awarded since the 1950s. Every interior designer has heard of the Red DOT, now it is time for them to hear also about Arbiton mineral core floors” – said Artur Tomikowski, Marketing Director of Decora S.A.

Arbiton vinyl panels with mineral core – firstly design, secondly functionality

“Beautiful as wood, practical as tiles” – such is the flooring with mineral core of Arbiton brand. Available in several unique collections and dozens of colourings. It is characterised by innovative deep structure of natural wood. Arbiton vinyl panels were created in a Polish design studio. They are characterised by uniqueness of planks and multiplicity of decors. Thanks to this treatment, Arbiton Mineral HD flooring looks natural and real.

Thevinyl panels built on the basis of an innovative mineral core are one of the hardest and most durable flooring materials on the market. They are also completely waterproof. Their thermal conductivity can only be equalled by natural stone or porcelain stoneware tiles, making them ideal for underfloor heating. Design and functionality are two features that characterise the Arbiton brand.

Arbiton mineral core flooring – hear the silence

The award-winning mineral core panels feature an Aculay acoustic layer. The Aculay layer’s regular patterns of fine, uneven indentations and bulges are designed to optimise the flexibility, dispersion and absorption of sound waves.

For example, the use of the Aculay layer in the Arbiton Amaron Wood collection provides room soundproofing by as much as 21 dB, as certified by an independent European laboratory (TFI). A floor made of Mineral HD vinyl panels with Aculay acoustic layer is beautiful, functional and quiet. When we talk about the soundproofing of a flooring system, we usually come across the term ‘acoustic insulation’ (IS) expressed in decibels. The higher the value, the better the product protects us from annoying footsteps.

It is not possible to completely eliminate the sound of floor use, but it can be significantly reduced by choosing the right flooring system. Arbiton Mineral HD vinyl panels with Aculay acoustic layer provide one of the best levels of sound reduction on the market. At the same time, the system is simple and intuitive to install.

“Zero waste” from Decora

The problem with panels with integrated underlay is most often that these products are not recyclable due to the variety of materials used in their manufacture. In the case of Arbiton’s mineral-core vinyl panels with integrated Aculay acoustic layer, the designers have made an effort to make an environmentally friendly product that is recyclable. It is a product that has been created in the spirit of zero waste, is 100% recyclable and guarantees complete safety both during and after use. Ecology is an increasingly important vector that influences the decisions of architects designing utilitarian products.

That is why Arbiton vinyl panels with Aculay layer were created in harmony with nature. They are the natural choice of interior architects.

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