Are Poles open to new tobacco products? [RESULTS OF RESEARCH]

The results are evidence of changing consumer habits.The study, commissioned by PULZE and conducted by SW Research, shows that Poles are more aware of tobacco products and are reaching for next generation products (NGP)

The tobacco industry offers an increasing number of differentiated products to meet consumer expectations. Among these, novelty tobacco products, including tobacco warmers, are a separate category. How do Poles approach these solutions? Among other things, this issue was examined in a study conducted by research house SW Research, commissioned by the PULZE brand. One of its main findings indicates that Poles are becoming more and more convinced of the idea of heating tobacco, and that products using heated tobacco technology are better perceived, according to 32% of respondents. Among regular smokers, this opinion is even stronger, with 37% agreeing. Among heated tobacco users, on the other hand, it is as high as 80% of respondents

Among the main factors cited by respondents for choosing novelty products are less tar (55%) and a more pleasant sensory experience (29%). Other reasons cited by Poles are issues related to less harmfulness to health, greater freedom of use, more attractive taste, fashion and aesthetics

Differences in perceptions of novelty tobacco products

Novelty products such as tobacco warmers are gaining popularity. Of the non-smokers surveyed, as many as half believed it to be a fashion issue, while only one in five novelty tobacco users agreed

More than half of people who use novelty tobacco products now feel better about them than when they first started using them. This was stated by 56% of respondents. This was influenced by factors such as less smell (53%), feeling better (43%), better appearance (43%) and taste (40%). On the other hand, among the disadvantages affecting the negative perception of novelty tobacco products, respondents mainly point to the need to recharge the devices (33%)

In what situations are Poles more supportive of novelty tobacco products?

Novelty tobacco products are more acceptable and better perceived in social situations. 22% of those surveyed see them as normal, 13% say they do not mind, while 25% say they do not care. In addition, despite the ban on the use of NGPs in public places, there is greater social acceptance of them, with 34% of non-smoking respondents indicating this response

According to a survey conducted by SW Research, more and more Poles are becoming convinced by the idea of heating up tobacco. Users of novelty tobacco products admit that their opinion of the products has changed in favour. Issues such as less noticeable smell and the appearance of the product have contributed to this. We are aware that alternative tobacco products certainly represent a new chapter in the future of the tobacco industry and Polish consumers are increasingly interested in them,” states Armella Mocydlarz, consumer marketing director at Imperial Tobacco Polska, the manufacturer of the PULZE brand

The survey was conducted on a sample of 806 people, among cigarette smokers, tobacco warmers or non-smokers, aged 18-65

source: PULZE press office

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