Artwork by UAP students decorated a nursing home in Poznań.

The Social Welfare Home in Poznań has been decorated with colourful murals. This was achieved thanks to the work and commitment of students from the Painting in Architecture – a studio which can boast excellent realisations of projects in the space of the City of Poznań. This resulted in dozens of proposals for murals, which were then assessed by a unique jury made up of residents of the Social Welfare Home in Poznań. Maria Broniewska’s design was judged to be the best work

“At the beginning of the year, our students choose the studios where they will create interesting works! Our choice fell on Painting in Architecture at UAP – which is a studio that can boast great projects in the City of Poznań space. This year, the studio created mural projects for the Social Welfare Home in Poznan. The choice of design was up to the residents of the home. We are proud to announce that the winning mural by Maria Broniewska can already be seen in urban space for some time. You can see the realisation of the mural in the photos, but we encourage you to see it live. Many thanks to the residents of the Social Welfare Home in Poznań and the City of Poznań for the opportunity to cooperate and realise the mural. Congratulations to Painting in Architecture at UAP for the realisation of yet another mural,” reads a press release from UAP

The winning murals depicting birds and a girl looking from behind a balustrade at a couple walking together were proposed by Maria Broniewska. It was her mural that eventually appeared on the walls of the building

source: Facebook / The Architecture in Poland | whiteMAD on Instagram | Poznan | Curiosities | Murals | Education

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