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Self-expression is something that cannot be easily defined and for which there is no one right way. Everyone expresses their creativity differently – some through collages, others through drawing and still others through artificial intelligence. And each way is equally appropriate, because it results in the creation of immersive experiences in which the audience is immersed. Five such realisations inspired by the Bombay Sapphire brand were created by exceptional artists. See how Filip “Rybskie” Popik, Anna Augustynowicz, Maciek Polak, Zulu Kuki, Anna Rudak and Basia Flores have gone beyond the ordinary.

Creativity in the 21st century is, on the one hand, something that is very easy to awaken in oneself and that can be expressed in many ways. New technologies, social media, the ability to travel – these sources can be drawn upon continuously, inspired by them and from them, unique works can be created. But on the other hand, these factors can be limiting, creating a sense of overwhelm and overstimulation, resulting in artist’s block. So how do we ensure that today’s possibilities only extend the boundaries?

The key is to keep an open mind and, from the range of possibilities, choose what is truly interesting, rewarding and comes easily. It is worth finding such an area and thus narrowing down this multitude of available options. It is also important to be confident in your decisions, not to be overly concerned about the opinions of others unless they serve your development. With such an attitude, you can really spread your wings and allow yourself to be expressive in the true sense of the word.

And there are as many ways to interpret this chosen area of interest today as there are sources of inspiration. It can be both a progressive tool, something little exploited, but also a nod to well-known classics that can resonate just as well, even today, with the artistic soul of the creators.

Five works inspired by a single product are proof of this. Anna Augustynowicz, Maciek Polak, Zulu Kuki, Anna Rudak and Basia Flores – each of them interpreted the iconic Bombay Sapphire brand gin bottle in a different way. Augustynka created a kind of inception in the form of her characteristic collage, Maciek Polak kept his work in a very nautical atmosphere, and Zulu Kuki, having a more futuristic vision, made a kind of reference to modern technology. Anna Rudak, on the other hand, created almost a coat of arms with lots of ornamentation, and Basia Flores, like Augustynka, developed a collage, but in a more cartoonish version. All the pieces were brought to life by CGI artist Filip “Rybskie” Popik. He set them in motion and made them dynamic, making them even more intriguing and engaging.

The video I created based on statics provided by 5 other artists is an attempt to make the already incredibly creative works, even more impactful designs. I tried to highlight the distinctive qualities of each work and, through animation, enable an even deeper experience of them for the audience. Working on this, for myself, who works in the creative industry, it was no small surprise to see the multitude of interpretations and possibilities that flowed from a single source of inspiration ,” says Filip “Rybskie” Popik.

The effects of the artists’ work testify to both their creativity and the dose of inspiration that the Bombay Sapphire brand provides. It is the best expression of how many kinds of experiments it can afford – both artistic and taste-related. All you have to do is (and as much as) abandon the patterns and start expressing your own perspective. This is how the most unique things are created.

photos: Paweł Trojanowski

source: press materials

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