“Be the change, stay yourself” – Iga Swiatek in the campaign for the electric Porsche Macan

Following the collaboration between Porsche Polska and the WTA world ranking leader, announced in June 2023, the time has come for the brand’s first marketing campaign featuring Iga Swiatek. Under the slogan ‘Be the change, stay yourself’, the Polish tennis player is promoting the new electric version of Porsche’s best-selling Macan model.

Iga Swiatek, who joined the Friends of Porsche last year, found herself on court with the new Porsche Macan in between tennis matches. It’s all thanks to the latest campaign for the bestselling SUV, which debuts in a new all-electric version ten years after its launch.

The arrival of Iga Swiatek has had a significant impact on the balance of power in the world of women’s tennis, just as the Macan is a significant change in the Porsche range. The slogan “Be the change, stay yourself” thus brought together the world of tennis, represented by a young and extremely talented player, and the world of motoring, in which Porsche is the benchmark for quality and progress.

Change can sometimes be difficult, but for me it is synonymous with new energy, strength and the joy that accompanies it. They usually come out for the good, so I am glad that through my participation in the campaign I have the opportunity to be part of the changes in the Porsche brand, which is the introduction of the electrically powered Macan,” said Iga Świątek on the occasion of the recordings for the latest campaign.

Wojciech Grzegorski, Porsche brand director in Poland, added: Without change there would be no development, and the success story of both Iga and Porsche shows that it is worth taking risks and setting new standards. Working with Iga on this campaign was a natural fit for us.

It’s not without reason that part of the slogan for the latest campaign is ‘stay yourself’. Huge successes, the pressure to stay on top and the pursuit of perfection can negatively affect the motivation to act and change what is most valuable – authenticity and the joy of triumphs. However, Iga Swiatek is a perfect example of a champion who, despite her dizzying sporting career, remains herself and inspires others to continuously raise the bar in life and professionally. “Be the change, stay yourself” is also the clue to the changes taking place at Porsche. The all-electric Porsche Macan takes the Macan model series to a whole new level, while retaining the brand’s character and timeless design.

The music for the campaign video was composed by JIMEK, who – like Iga – is one of the Friends of Porsche Poland. “With the music I tried to be Iga and this car. The couplings, the discharges, the smacks, the personal charm, the noiselessness, the adulthood. No apologies for evolution,” concluded Radzimir Debski (JIMEK). The advertising spot is complemented by two photos of Iga Świątek in a Porsche Macan, capturing the modern and dynamic character of the new SUV.

In April, I will again play in Stuttgart, this time officially working with Porsche and being part of the campaign for the latest version of the Porsche Macan. The pressure will certainly be high, but I like this tournament, its atmosphere, and I have nothing but good memories of it. I hope that won’t change! added Iga Świątek, who has already triumphed twice at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, with a smile.

With a progressive yet timeless design, Porsche’s trademark performance, a range that allows for long distances and a high degree of practicality in everyday use, the new Macan 4 and Macan Turbo variants comprehensively meet the requirements of those Porsche customers who choose an SUV. Since 2014. Porsche has delivered more than 800,000 units of the Macan model worldwide. Now its success story begins to continue with an all-electric successor, which will be produced in a carbon-neutral manner at Porsche’s Leipzig plant. The first units of the new Porsche Macan will be delivered to customers in the second half of 2024.

Creators of the campaign

Director: Michal Misinski

Cinematographer: Michał Englert

Photographer: Paweł Fabjański

Creative agency: DDB Warsaw

Production house: Papaya Films

source: press materials

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