Cheers to colours! Flat with an artistic soul in Gdansk

The original interior was designed by Patrycja Majewicz. The designer reached for bold colours that allude to Mexican aesthetics. The flat in Gdansk gained an original look and an artistic atmosphere.

Transforming the living space in one of the flats in Gdańsk turned out to be a real journey into the world of unique ideas and original solutions. The project, which was created at Pracownia Projektowa Patrycja Miajewicz, produced an original effect.

This flat is not just a space for living, it is a family story. It was purchased with the owners’ daughter in mind, who is studying in Gdańsk. The choice fell on Gdansk’s Wrzeszcz district. The flat has an area of almost 65 square metres. The interior design focused on optimum use of space and the creation of comfortable conditions for study and relaxation. By modifying the layout of the rooms, it was possible to make maximum use of the available space while maintaining aesthetics and functionality.

The designer describes the style of this interior as eclectic, combining industrial elements with warm fabrics and colours inspired by Mexican mosaics. The latter can be seen in the kitchen area. The project was inspired by the preferences of the investors’ daughter, who loves dark interiors with a rich colour palette and a variety of patterns.

When working on the project, the architect used many unusual solutions. Of note is the marble mosaic in unusual places and the lowered ceiling made of demolition boards above the kitchen island. The variety of materials and textures makes each room unique and full of character.

The flat in Gdańsk is distinguished by a harmonious combination of functionality and expresses the residents’ individual style. The premises have become not only a place to live, but also an oasis of original design.


About the studio:

Patrycja Majewicz’s design studio specialises in interior design, arrangement and photography. The designer runs her studio in Gdynia, which is why many of her projects are located in the Tri-City. The designer begins each assignment with a thorough conversation with the client, so she can get to know their needs, expectations and sense of aesthetics to create an interior that meets their needs.

design and styling: Pracownia Projektowa Patrycja Majewicz

photography: Yassen Hristov

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