Comparison of the Broil King Royal 320 and Broil King Royal 340 Shadow gas grills

If you are looking for a robust and efficient gas barbecue that will serve you for many years, then look out for products from Broil King. This is a renowned manufacturer with a well-established position on the market, and the equipment in its range is appreciated even by the most demanding barbecue enthusiasts. One of the biggest bestsellers is the Royal series, dedicated to people who most often grill with several people in a family group. Which model will better meet your expectations? Introducing this year’s novelty – the Broil King Royal 320 and Broil King Royal 340 Shadow gas grills. Be sure to check them out!

Broil King Royal Shadow 320 gas grill

The Broil King Royal Shadow 320 gas grill is a robust, durable and elegant piece of equipment that will serve you for many years. Thanks to the double-sided Flav-R-Cast cast iron grate, which has two sides (conical and gutter), grilling different types of meat will become extremely enjoyable. The dimensions of the grate are 55 x 36.5 cm, and you also have a 50 x 22.5 cm warming grate available. In addition, the built-in thermometer in the lid makes it easy to check the temperature when preparing food.

Linear-Flow valves allow precise heat control by regulating the gas flow of the three powerful Dual-Tube burners with a total output of 8.8 kW. Thanks to the Flav-R-Wave aromatiser system , an intense aroma is also ensured for all food on the grill. Folding side shelves, swivel castors and a lockable gas cylinder cabinet further enhance convenience and functionality when grilling.

Broil King Royal Shadow 340 gas grill

If you’re looking for a small piece of equipment with even more functionality, then the Broil King Royal Shadow 340 gas barbecue is a good choice. This model in an elegant black colour scheme equipped with three Dual-Tube burners with a total output of 8.8 kW, offers a range of functions that will make even beginners in barbecuing achieve great results! Thanks to the 55 x 36.5 cm double-sided Flav-R-Cast cast iron grate, you can easily prepare dinners for several people on this piece of equipment – from juicy steaks to marinated chicken pieces, while keeping an eye on the cooking soup on the additional side burner.

In addition, the Accu-Temp thermometer gives you the assurance that all your dishes will be perfectly cooked at the right temperature and the Linear-Flow valves allowyou to regulate the gas flow infinitely. The Flav-R-Wave aroma system ensures that meats acquire their special flavour. The manufacturer has also taken care of practical solutions for easy organisation of the space around the grill – the 11 kg gas cylinder can be stored in a lockable cabinet and the side shelves offer space for plates or accessories.

Royal Shadow 320 vs Royal Shadow 340 – key differences

Both of the Royal Shadow series of Broil King gas grills in question have exactly the same dimensions of the double-sided cast-iron grate (55 x 36.5 cm) and three 8.8 kW main burners.

However, you may also notice a fourth knob on the control panel of the Royal Shadow 340 model – this is used to operate the side burner, which is mounted under the side shelf. This solution will allow you to prepare both a main dish from the grill and side dishes – aromatic sauces, boiled potatoes or fried onions or mushrooms – in the garden. You can also use the side burner to prepare braised dishes, soups or stews – so you don’t have to waste the nice weather spending long hours in the kitchen at home.

Another difference is the design of the side shelves on the two grills in question. On the Broil King Royal Shadow 320, they are made of plastic, while the Broil King Royal Shadow 340 has much more robust steel shelves.

These are the only significant differences between these grills, with all other functionalities being exactly the same. So when deciding which model to buy, consider whether you plan to prepare food only on the main grate or whether you need a side burner, which greatly expands the range of possibilities. This practical solution will also come in handy for heating water for hot drinks if your grill is set up in a location relatively far from your home kitchen, and will allow you to prepare dinner when you can’t use the induction hob at home due to a power failure.

Whichever model you choose, you can also upgrade your Royal Shadow gas grills with a universal rotisserie spit or accessories from the Do More system, such as woks, roasting pans or racks.

All in all, the Broil King Royal 320 and 340 Shadow models are exceptional gas grills that will serve you for many years! With their advanced functionalities, they make real mobile garden kitchens!

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