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Constitution Square in Gdynia will be redeveloped. The city bets on greenery

It is the first place seen by those arriving in Gdynia by train. Constitution Square in Gdynia will be rebuilt according to a concept that involves removing part of the concrete surface and replacing it with greenery

The reconstruction of the square is intended to help the city in its efforts to have the city centre inscribed on the UNESCO world list. The redeveloped square is to become a citizen-friendly place

Constitution Square is a landmark of the city – one of the first places visitors see. It is also heavily used by residents. Its beauty should be combined with excellent functionality: it must be so comfortable that it makes life easier in all conditions, including when it is raining and we are up too late trying to catch the train, but also so beautiful that it is worth stopping for a leisurely stroll. The concept that has been developed gives me confidence that it will meet these high expectations,” says Wojciech Szczurek, Mayor of Gdynia

The initial draft of the changes was prepared by the Investment Department and the City Gardener’s Department in cooperation with the Municipal Conservator of Monuments, the Office of Spatial Planning and the Public Transport Authority. The concept envisages the reconstruction of the square together with the inlets of the adjacent streets, viz: Dworcowa, Janka Wiśniewskiego and Jana z Kolna

Today, the square is an area dominated by vehicular traffic. After the changes, it is to be dominated by pedestrian and cyclist traffic. The aim of the planned works is to improve the attractiveness of the space, encourage pedestrian and cyclist use, and bring the station and public transport stops closer together

In the new arrangement, a square with resting places will be created in front of the Gdynia Główna railway station building. The safety of all traffic users is to be improved. Priority in communication is to be given to buses. Finally, the modernist urban fabric and buildings are to be highlighted thanks to new greenery planting

Constitution Square and the space is to be a showcase for our city, while also being a comfortable interchange for travellers. We want to create a space here, encouraging residents and travellers to relax, and additionally providing a place to meet, first and last impressions of their stay in Gdynia. Today we have announced a tender procedure for the design of Constitution Square, which will ultimately form the basis for the redevelopment of this space in the heart of the city – says Marek Łucyk, Vice-President of Gdynia for Development

City officials have announced a tender for the design of Constitution Square. Bids may be submitted until 7 November this year

source: UM Gdynia

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