Contact-Simon from the inside out. A look inside the brand’s factory

Nothing helps youlearn more abouta product than seeing its production process. The successive stages of creationhelp to understand itsoperation andfinal appearance.Followingthis, Kontakt-Simoninvited thebrandambassadorsto visit its factory in Czechowice-Dziedzice.

Existing since 1921, the factory was initially the Joint Stock Company of the Electrical Industry “Czechowice”, producing resistors and regulators, lighting equipment, insulation, signalling and electrical meters as well as bottle warmers. Subsequent years, changes and modernisations have led to where it is now. Many years of tradition and experience have allowed the Kontakt – Simon brand to build the trust of its customers.

From the back office

At the end of February, a meeting was held at the headquarters of the company located in Czechowice-Dziedzice. The ambassadors of the brand – 10 design studios from all over Poland – received an invitation for a two-day trip, combined with product training and a tour of the Kontakt – Simon factory: ARTchitektura – Samanta Michalewicz, Art Design Studio – Agnieszka Lesiuk, Archistan Interiors – Małgorzata and Daniel Stan-Zieliński, Flow Interiors – Ewa Franiak and Tatewik Caturowa, Grupa NONO – Karolina Szyszka, Moie Studio – Ada Kopczyńska-Wójtowicz, MyMOLO – Patrycja Dąbek, Royal Design – Joanna Kowalska, STUDIO e. – Ewa Lompart and WZ Studio – Ada Skwira and Małgorzata Liebhart, together with the brand image-caring agency OKK PR – Olga Kisiel – Konopka.

The ambassadors were able not only to learn about the new product solutions, but also to analyse and see each stage of production of the electrical fittings they use in their projects. This knowledge will certainly translate into better adaptation of switches and sockets to the needs of the customer – the investor.

A moment of relaxation

During the trip, in addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge, there was also time for getting to know each other and exchanging experiences. The meeting of so many excellent design studios in one place could not be complete without heated conversations around a campfire and a mountain dinner in one of the guesthouses in Szczyrk. A ride along the mountain trails in Wisła and admiring the beautiful landscapes was also an incredible attraction.

On the second day, the Ambassadors listened to an excellent lecture on the art of photography, given by Bartek Barczyk, who has many beautiful shots of architecture as well as celebrities from the world of culture to his credit. Dagmara Maroszek-Bździuch, Kontakt-Simon supervisor on behalf of OKK PR and also a photographer – Mufka Fotografia – also contributed her two sentences on interior photography.

Two intensive days of meetings resulted in new knowledge, an exchange of experiences and, most importantly, wonderful relationships which were established during the hospitality at Kontakt-Simon.

photos: Bartek Barczyk Art

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