Cork inn – minimalist feeders designed by Alicja Czop

Cork inn are minimalist feeders, but not just any feeders! Their creator has designed a series of garden objects for small animals. This set consists of two feeders and a drinker adapted for birds of small size, such as the titmouse orthe macaw

Alicja Czop has also designed two birdhouses, which are adapted to the construction principles of the B-type nesting boxes. They are openable, making it possible to clean them after each season. As the final element of the Cork inn, a hotel for pollinating insects was created, which is designed for various types of reeds and grasses that are friendly to insect nesting. In all the facilities, the main material used is cork, which is a lightweight, durable and biodegradable material. The exterior elements were made of foamed PVC

Cork, which, among other things, insulates heat, is lightweight, impermeable and waterproof, will work well as the main material for the birdhouse. Thanks to its naturalness and austerity, it fits ecologically and aesthetically into gardens, forests or gardens. From the perspective of the birdhouse inhabitants, the pleasant and delicate structure of the cork structure is probably important

Why nest boxes? The nesting boxes are mainly designed for birds, but also for bats or hornets and others having trouble finding a suitable nesting site. Designed by Alicja Czop, the objects can simply be hung

The nesting boxes promote biodiversity and, when used in appropriate quantities, restore bio-balance. The main advantage of bird boxes is, of course, the species protection of their inhabitants

About the author

Alicja Czop – designer specialising in industrial design. In 2011 she graduated in Industrial Forms at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow after which she moved to the Netherlands where she undertook her Master’s degree at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague, from which she graduated in July 2019. During her studies, she undertook several internships so that she could develop her knowledge of different types of design which together shaped her values and what kind of designer she became. The designer believes that the emotional connection with an object is just as important as its functionality. Design should not only be beautiful, but should also have a deeper meaning, responding to a specific problem. That is why in the projects of the ‘Dare Design Studio’ she puts the user and their needs in the foreground

source: Alicja Czop – Dare Design Studio(

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