Cukiernia Żona Krawca in Warsaw. The interior alludes to the name!

Cukiernia Żona Krawca, and more specifically its interior, was designed by architects Mikołaj Wojciechowski, Konrad Sojka and Maciej Granecki of the Sojka & Wojciechowski studio. The name of the patisserie comes from the first location, which was established 10 years ago in a former tailor’s shop. The chain has now opened another premises, which we are pleased to describe.

The designers built the idea of the new interior around the graceful name, which, in their opinion, had not been sufficiently used so far. They decided to refer to the classic tailor’s workshop. Consequently, the whole thing revolves around different types of fabric. Eight patterns with different textures and colours were selected to form a coherent whole. The fabrics were then divided into elements that fill the interior – the upholstery of the chairs and armchairs, the upholstered panels on the bar surround and the structural column in the centre of the premises. The main role, however, is played on the huge sofa that runs the length of the interior. There they are used in the role of the back, rolled up like bales of fabric in a tailor’s workshop (in fact it is a soft sponge only skilfully trimmed with fabric)

The tailor’s salon could not lack huge mirrors, one of them specially aged to optically lengthen the aforementioned sofa and mask the entrance to the toilet (stylised as a fitting room). The other classic one is located at the height of a huge table, reminiscent of typical tailors’ tables on which fabrics are cut. The workshop character is completed by working lamps above the tables, made to an individual design by the architects

The premises have been functionally planned so that everyone feels comfortable; there is a table in the window for those dropping in for a quick coffee, comfortable armchairs in the shop window for those who want to linger for a while longer, a more formal bench and a large table for larger and smaller meetings. The relaxed atmosphere is complemented by warm lighting and, above all, excellent baked goods, which further decorate the interior in the huge corner display case in the heart of the premises

About the studio:
Sojka & Wojciechowski – we established our studio in 2004, while we were still students at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. We started by designing small functional forms and interior designs for magazines. To date, together we have designed over 100 interiors – private and public: from a 30-square-metre studio to a 600-square-metre sports club in the centre of Warsaw

Despite the passage of time, we like to call ourselves a young design studio. Over and over again, we draw inspiration from the city we live in by traversing it on a scooter, skateboard or motorbike. We successfully reconcile the latest trends with classic, avant-garde, industrial forms, always approaching each project with a fresh perspective. You can read more about the studio here:

Design team: Mikołaj Wojciechowski, Konrad Sojka, Maciej Granecki / Sojka & Wojciechowski /

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