Delicatessen in Wrocław inspired by the colours of Spain

A delicatessen in Wrocław called DEHESA is the latest realisation by architects from the KOOL studio. In a sunny interior emanating warmth and authenticity, one can find thé atmosphere of a traditional Spanish delicatessen. The colour scheme, taken from Almodovar’s films, adds a contemporary feel to the space. The design combines the colours of marine navy blue, burgundy and yellow complemented by strong accents of red alluding to the old-school style slicer visible immediately upon entering. Each of the colours is responsible for different sections in the shop and brings order to the space.

The interior is adorned with a timeless uniform floor of custom-made terrazzo tiles, whose mix of aggregates and colours was selected specifically for the project. The centrepiece of the deli, a huge counter, is highlighted by decorative lamps designed especially for this interior and made by a Wrocław-based lighting manufacturer. The red arches, combined with delicate glass shades in a beige shade and topped with a delicate ball, add a retro charm to the interior.

In a reference to traditional Spanish shops, the wall behind the counter has been finished with decorative tiles in a classic black and white pattern. In its central part, there is a neon sign showing the characteristic cuts of iberico pork, the most important part of the offer. Further on, the long-matured jamón hams characteristic of Spain are displayed on steel rails.

On the opposite side, recesses made of small, irregular tiles in shades of beige have been designed to replace traditional shop shelves. They house selected balsamic vinegars, oils, wines and other specialities that complement the counter offer. At the back of the shop, in an area accentuated in burgundy, there is a section with high-quality frozen products and a small office annex. This colour cut-off made it possible to optically shorten the elongated interior. Due to the nearby car park and strong sunlight, a wooden shelving unit in a honey shade was placed in front of the shop window, which serves as a showcase for the location and as a shield against excessive sunlight. Made with attention to detail, it allows the number of wooden blinds to be adjusted as required, thanks to the appropriate milling.

The concept was complemented by the design of the visual identity, maintaining a colour palette that refers to the interior. The logotype is reminiscent of classic Spanish signs and was complemented by a series of simple illustrations relating to the main products in the deli’s range. The neon pig motif was transferred in graphic form to the printed elements. The uniforms, which are navy blue T-shirts paired with burgundy aprons trimmed with subtle leather accents and yellow embroidery, harmonise with the shop’s interior.

Project metrics:
object: delicatessen in Wroclaw / DEHESA iberian delicatessen
address: zwycięska Street 25/35, Wrocław
area: 58 m2
scope of the project: sales room / social facilities
project year: 2023
completion year: 2023
scope of development: venue concept, interior design, furniture design, lamp design, executive design, visual identification, uniform design
photographs: ZASOBY STUDIO /

About the studio:
KOOL is an in-house design studio from Wroclaw, Poland, founded by the harmonious duo of architects Ola Kilinska and Ola Leszczynska. It specialises in creating unique and functional residential interiors and commercial spaces throughout Poland. Combining various disciplines from interior, strategy and product design to the creation of visual identities, they create coherent and creative concepts for places that integrate functionality with aesthetics, inspire and engage the emotions of users. Thanks to eight years of experience gained also during cooperation in Wrocław studios, the studio is recognised for its professionalism and attention to the smallest details. Find out more at:

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