Every detail counts in the kitchen. What should you pay attention to?

It is the heart of the home. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day. We drink our morning coffee, cook, meet with loved ones… This is why it is so important to design a kitchen that is functional, durable and visually appealing. How do you create the perfect kitchen? Halupczok and its two collections, Ravenna and Bristol, can help.

The collections were designed by the brand’s designers, led by Anna Dzierżanowska. The team’s task was to choose the right materials, textures, worktops or fronts and to use ideas that are made possible by the company’s technological background. Both collections are made-to-measure kitchens, which guarantees the best use of the available space in a house or flat. Designing a kitchen to measure ensures that it will meet the needs of the occupants in the best possible way. Halupczok allows us to tailor the kitchen to our needs. Not the other way around.

The first is the Ravennacollection . It is distinguished by a warm colour palette that refers to the timeless colours of nature: wood, quartz sinter and spices. An interesting detail is the natural bronze particles embedded in the lacquer, which gently glitter on the fronts of the cabinets. The wall cabinets are decorated with horizontally fluted glass fronts. The cabinets have no handles (this will be appreciated by minimalists), and their opening mechanism has been innovatively hidden in the side elements of the cabinet body. This is very practical – when closing the cabinet, we will not damage the dishes stored inside. The shelves, drawers and wall panels have gentle backlighting. But that’s not all. There are more technological innovations here.

A novelty is the Blum folding door system, which makes it possible to conceal the kitchen fitting, leaving a clean wooden wall. Another noteworthy feature is the kitchen island, which is equipped with a sensor-controlled ventilation hood. Here, the designers have provided space for spices and accessories, making them easily accessible during daily work. When using the Ravenna kitchen, we have the feeling of experiencing high-quality cabinetry based on traditional craftsmanship.

Ravenna collection:

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Adifferent aesthetic experience is provided by theBristolcollection . It can confidently be considered the most classic collection in the brand’s portfolio. It is distinguished by decorative muntins, openwork elements revealing the contents of the cabinets and wide pilasters with capacious cargo cabinets. The decorative finish of the Bristol collection is aesthetically reminiscent of old English kitchens, but the modern solutions leave no doubt – we are dealing with cabinetry that meets modern needs.

Bristol kitchen is extremely elegant. Halupczok designers have combined white fronts with dark accessories. The granite worktop, which has been given a streamlined finish, makes an impression. The durable surface can withstand any kitchen challenge and is guaranteed to last. Granite is used for the top of the island, which has an integrated sink in the centre. The island is accompanied by a rounded wooden top, which can be used as a coffee table. The collection is embellished with warm-coloured natural oak accessories – clever storage compartments that make it easier to organise and keep things tidy.

Halupczok kitchens offer not only the preparation of the entire built-in to size, but also the complete furnishing. The brand has been working with selected suppliers for years to provide its customers with everything from built-in white goods to high-quality fittings to items such as pots and cutlery. In this way, a complete kitchen can be created. Designed from a to zet.

source: Halupczok

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Bristol Collection:

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